Looking for General Team Build Advice & Strategy

I’m Level 14, just reached the frost island, Story Missions Cpt2>God Ruins, and Side Missions >Rogue Trainers. I’ve basically hit a wall where I’m starting to lose on all fronts. Which is particularly problematic for events that are time gated. So far I’ve been able to sweep pretty much everything off the board with Ultra___ (All) moves. It seems I’ve hit a point where I need to be building more strategically to advance. So I’m looking for all the general build advice and strategy I can get. Such as What are the best moves/move combos, what kind of strategies do people use, what are the best team composition builds, what monsters/abilities are OP. Etc Etc (Also, if there is any grind advice out there to get my Trainer Level up faster.) 

There’s a rate/build my team thread where everyone does this, it’s pinned at the top of the general discussions page. Also, it would help if you provided images of your current roster.

That is specific strategy advice. He wants general.

Mostly teambuilding is putting stuff together that works well together.

Survivor needs time to charge. So putting it with stuff that gives it time like stun or sleep is good.

Poison likes more poison.

Stun is okay by itself but really shines when combined with other strategies.

Yeah, not looking for specific build advice or advice that is tethered to what monsters I have. Rather I’m looking for general advice on what can be done and more importantly WHY to do it so I can learn to make my own strategies.

Basically Why I created this focused thread.

This is basically what I’m looking for, what works, what is the “meta” and why is it effective.

The meta is a little shifty right now. You can’t pin it down with the new legends. But before them the best strategy was to use sleep legends to create a sleeplock on the enemy team where they can’t move at all. Then dreamhunt and sleep what came in. The only strategy against this was to not get sleeplocked, which was really hard.

As a result, the teams that did best were these teams and the kind that countered them. So abyssraider and poison gas teams won almost always when they ran into a sleep team like this.

Sleep is most powerfull along with dreamhunt.
It can skip turn and give your team time to breathe.
Theres no main meta in pvp because not everyone have same monster in their team.
Theres some player with luck have assisted lineup, sleep, poison, stun, etc.
And some big spender can easily outdrafted someone with his monsters.
“Big” refer to lucky things :joy: