leveling up... is there a difference how experience is gained?

Does it matter at all if an ARK leveled up quickly or slowly?

For example, in Pokemon, if you fought a high level opponent with a level 1, that level 1 would gain about 15 levels in one shot. But its stats wouldn’t be as good as a pokemon that reached level 15 by fighting a lot of weaker opponents over and over.
Essentially making EVERY pokemon unique depending on how the trainer chose to progress.

Is this similar in Hunter Island ?
Or are all ‘A’ rank, level 10, snorklings exactly the same regardless of how fast or slow level progression goes ?

I’m pretty sure they are all the same, though that would make a wonderful feature.

Oh, with those EV thingies that I never fully understood?

Nope, has no impact…I think. I’ll check my monsters and make sure all the duplicates have the same stats as each other.

Thanks… tried checking it myself but I don’t have enough dupes to check thoroughly.

As far as I can tell so far they all look the same…

This game doesn’t have to be like pokemon though. Why should battling a load of weaker opponents over and over give you better stats than fighting a smaller number more powerful ones. If anything battling against stronger monster should give you more stats as they are more of a challenge

Well, it doesn’t have to be like Pokemon. But some uniqueness for each arkadion is always welcome.

Do wish their was some difference to stats across the same arks but no they all end up the same at each level if its the same ark

Look at it from a real life perspective.

I’m going to use MMA because it is a great clear example.

Brock Lesnar. He trained for a year, won the title, then lost it very quickly to a person who had trained for over 20 years.

He won the title because of his strength and did it in his first couple of fights.

He lost it because he fought someone who had tediously learned the nuances of the art over the course of many years and became a master at it. 

Both fighters can call themselves champions, but the quality of one over the other is night and day.

It would be the same if a system was in place like the OP mentions.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear I was talking about level differences . A team of low level monsters would have a harder time defeating a similar but higher levelled team than a team of similar monsters with similar levels. So the first fight should give you more experience to account for the difficulty involved.

I had really hoped that the grade of the monster ties in with the stats they gain per level.  If you think about it, a S grade monster *should* be a bit more superior than a E grade monster of the same type.  … The bonus move thing is good, but it’s can be very random and erratic.  It really doesn’t give that “Yeah, I got this super rare S grade monster that is just much better than the run-of-the-mill E grade monsters” feel to being -S- grade. 

As an old highly-ranked competitive Pokemon player, I fully endorse Hunter Island’s system; IV’s and EV’s are a pain.

To clarify- Agent, that’s not how it works. Mostly. Pokemon differ *mostly* due to innate IV’s, randomly generated for each Pokemon you encounter. They cause a variation of +/- 32 for each stat at max level (so a Pikachu could have, say, 268-332 Speed at level 100 based on its IV’s).

What you’re talking about are EV’s; every time you defeat a Pokemon in battle, your Pokemon gains EV’s based on the opponent. Killing a Zubat, for example, gives 1 Speed EV. Killing a Charizard gives 3 Special Attack EV’s. You can have a maximum of 252 EV’s in one stat, and 512 EV’s total. Every 4 EV’s in a stat gives +1 at level 100. Killing lots of small enemies builds up your EV’s faster- but by the time you get to 100, you’ll have maxed EV’s no matter what, so whether you killed lots of little guys or some big opponents is inconsequential.

The more important point is that when you combine EV’s and IV’s, there’s enormous variation in stats. Let’s take the Pikachu- given 252 Speed EV’s could supply up to +63 speed, the variation in speed for a level 100 Pikachu is 268-395. That’s huge. And that’s not even counting NATURE, which can influence things even MORE dramatically.

Of course, when you’re doing competitive battling, everyone uses Pokemon with all max IV’s. So the practical range is smaller.