How does experience work?

How exactly does experience work. If I win a fight and get 9K experience do my 3 monsters share the 9K meaning each only get 3K? And if so do level 99 monsters that participated in the battle also share in on that experience? Or do the lvl 99 monsters not get a portion of it and the other two monsters get 4.5K?

I’m pretty sure that all 3 monsters get 3k, even if you have a 99…which is why I never use 99s when I train…or I just feed my monsters. That works too. Hahaha

But again, I’m not sure.

No, they all get 9K

Wow, that’s great. Training sounds so easy now.

Not that it matters a whole lot for me (I’m more of a PvP person).

Can you confirm that they all get the 9K, I don’t think that’s correct. Whenever I complete the weekly mission he gives 30k exp but only a few of my monsters level up so I’m assuming they all shared the 30k I was more concerned about the lvl 99 sharing or not. Would he much easier to power level small guys if I could grind them with lvl 99 monsters and them get the full experience

It’s not like they all get 30k

Who ever participated in the battle would get 9k total each
Whoever participates in the battle gets 9k, including sacs. They each get it

So basically, if I train…it’s better to use throw or bloodmagic several times to get more exp? Or am I not reading this right…?

Tbh I don’t know why I’m asking, as I don’t train…lol xD

Not to get more experience but to give your Arkadions at the end of your line up experience