level 70 and only 2 legenderies...

why is it so hard to get them? i opened about 20 eggs in the current event and got nothing… not even a playable super epic…

every pvp match i fought against had 4+ legenderies…

is it normal for my level? or my luck is just to bad?

Just luck bro

Mmm I am level 63 with 4 legends, I also wasted my 100 gems accumulated from 1+ month ago til now in this event and get nothing.

I think it is a good idea to have like a limit of spending gems maybe like 300 gems and a guaranteed legend.

also spent rare gems and get a legendary dupe. fml.

the drops at this game are just the worse…

i agree that legenderies should be hard to get, but for higher levels, that are facing harder callenges (storie missions, etc), it realy annoying! 

higher levels should have access to a better way to get stronger team, to upgrade their team and go farther in the game.

at this point im just stuck. hard to even get gems.

Have you got a last biter?

sadly what it all comes down to is “do i spend money? or do i just save gems for a while and pick and choose when to hatch eggs?” there’s no other way. just luck. spending money only brings the luck faster than if you save. 

Level 80 not a single legendary

You are so lucky i got my first legendary when i was around 78 with +100 egg opened

Now you have 20+?

16 with nearly 100 dollers spent

I hatched my first legend when I was around Lv10, and i got my second legend when i was about Lv70… Legends are damn rare, but it is also fun to make the best out of epic and superepic.

Thats wierd. I got pinguini on my first hatch, angelon in my second hatch, got galliodragon when im around rank 4 and got warca recently without spending real money.

i hate to be that guy, but i really doubt that. that’s some unrealistic luck.

i got geartyrant when I was rank 1, banedragon when I was rank 2, emeral when I was rank 3 and it kept goin on and on til I am rank 61 now I have 60+ legends.

Hatch the eggs at a high probability event like 1st anniversary. If you can not wait until then, there is no reliable way. It only depends on luck. Empty your mind and don’t be stressed by low probability.

That’s normal. At least two players I know got 4 legends from first 5 eggs. One did that in special eggs.

if i did i would not complain haha

i got nightlord (which beside his awesome shocking entrace is pretty useless… only timestrike and sendback)

and i got atrahasis which is 100% awesome.

still, i saw ALOT of better legenderies i would like to fit in my team.

and thank you guys for the comfort! happy to see im not the only 1

I had an account that didn’t get any legendaries for 5 months. Restarted and here I am :slight_smile:

Yes its unrealistic but it happened. I think it was during their aniversary.

yeah, your so lucky.

Luck buddy, I got my second Legendary (the first was reroll so it doesn’t count) before even level 2, and now I’m level 50 and haven’t got any legends since.

Both of them have the exact same moveset, too, so I’m not sure if I’m lucky or not.