Legendaries in the begin

Hi guys, so I got recently a new phone, and I wanted to get a legendary with the gems given by the start, and I already tried like 25-30 times but haven’t had a legendary as of yet.

Is it still possible to get legendaries from the start? I’ve only managed to get super epic’s 

It’s possible to get legendaries from the start and you should start with one.otherwise it will be difficult to progress in the game.and if possible try to get a lastbiter.

Shadowyrm is a good pickup too.

Devs lowered the chance of getting one at the start but its posible.
The game isnt that hard really if u are good with strategies u are fine, but starting with a legend is good for later events and stuff.
(I started with a epic and have been playing for like 8-9 months, i have only spend like 60 dollars and last pvp i was fighting with some top tier players. What i mean is that u dont need any legend at the start to complete the game and bee good)
One more thing, check the bigginers guide

it’s possible but do remember that some super epics are better than legendaries

Yup its really possible,like me I dont really remember but I tried 10x or more and got penguini 1st hatch from regular egg

Think that developers should just restrict the first egg to be either epic or super epic…Trying to get a roll on legendary seem to be giving others an unfair advantage…Fair play would be so much better…I remember starting off with only an epic on my first egg…><"

That is your fault for not rerolling. Anyone is allowed to reroll. Technically you are saying that because you put yourself at a disadvantage the devs should put all new players at a disadvantage.

No you cant!, it is not our fault “RIP” to get leggy from the regular egg or should I say we’re just lucky to get a leggy from the regular egg and just I said I tried 10x-more to get it, is that clear?

At least if you have trick on bug dont spread it lol.
The devs didnt happy with it rofl

I’m sure thats not a bug, and we’re not spreading that.It’s an advice
Edit. And don’t you see on regular egg? " Epic and above,guaranteed"
So there is really a chance to get leggy from regular egg

It has been confirmed in each of its iterations so far you can still reroll for a leg at the start of the game. Please don’t use your speculations to mislead others.

How do you guys actually ‘reroll’ that first egg monster? I mean it immediately saves, right? Do you delete a local safe file or sth?

Because reinstalling sure sounds obnoxious :o

On ios you need reeinstal

In android go to settings->app manager->neo mon-> storage ->clear data. This works if u don’t want to reinstall.

My opinion is that rerolling to get a leg is close to impossible. The game is slowing moving away from its f2p to a pay to play/win status.

Good to know. Thanks.

There are more gems hand outs then there ever were before. I suggest you go wayyyy back in the forum to see what it was like at launch, or ask the veterans how hard it was to get legs back then.

There was no such thing as “useless” legs, as they were so insanely rare and hard to get, that the stat boost itself from SE vs Leg was enough to warrant using them.

Used to be you would get 20-40 gems between festivals before. Sometimes as low as 10.

I believe you may be including the gems awarded for completing online chapters as part of that zard :stuck_out_tongue:

True that. But you get the point.