I know it's not for this, but tell me..

So I’ve hatched at least 20 eggs, spending money and earning gems both. Not once have I obtained a legendary monster. A few super epics who I ultra evolve to 5 stars, maybe 6… then alot of epics. How often do you guys get them? Is there something I can do to help it happen or something? I know… doubtful… but still, just wondering.
On the game, I am DRaVeNZ GRaVe…
And Travis Justin Ramsey from Virginia on Facebook. Again, I know that info isn’t necessary, but it IS a hello forum after all :slight_smile::confused: … anyway, let me know…

Legends are very hard to obtain
Try hatch eggs in festivals and roll 10 in 1 iff you can

During festivals it’s a 6.1% chance of a legendary each time. You can expect an average of one legend  in every 20 rolls, which certainly doesn’t mean every single set of 20 will have one. Just stay hopeful that it will happen eventually.