Evolving a 4* Velsa with a 5* version

So I got the event SR Velsa and made her 5*.
Then I got another copy of Velsa, I awakend them. It seems like I used the 5* to awaken the 4*. Because I now have a 4* awakend Velsa. Lost the 5* and the material I used to make her 5*.
This was probably my fault, but I think there should either be an ‘undo’ option or the upgrade should always automatically level up the highest starred version.
Now I do not have enough materialen to upgrade her again :frowning:

Wrong section for the game :wink: try to keep posting in Evertale the next time.

If u used the 5* to awaken a 4* it’s completely your fault.you already got your security question if you want to continue doing that. So basically you confirm always twice before taking that action

Sorry about the wrong location :see_no_evil:.

I know it was my fault, not denying it, I actually said so myself.
Just did another awakening for Velsa. I looked very long and hard before doing it, checked, double checked and triple checked, and I was still scared to proceed.
My point is that such accidents should not be allowed to happen, or at the very least be reversable.