Let's talk about the fleet

I think it is currently a very unreasonable monster, mainly in derivatives. it can summon tokens infinitely and short tu, and the tokens have high speed, stun immunity, hg, short tu, and piercing actions. Obviously this is an extremely unreasonable setting.

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Nauticruiser? I am already talk about him nearly 6 month ago.And a member from “rise” said I am crazy idiot.now I am started proud because he is most of best monster in the game


what’s supposed to be said about him he’s an excellent monster

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Please don’t nerf that.I got that monster with 700 gems bruh…


But it is a very crazy monster

best nerf to light gf hahaha

No black she is more annoying

Nauticruiser is very strong, but looks pretty balanced to me, he is counterable in different ways and he cannot kill if not charged, basically he is good only if he is into a setup.

@Laxus nerfing the move “call supply” will most definitely will be substituted by “energy charge” making him not any different from other monsters.

Nauti is one of the most balanced legendaries around.


His derivative mechanism is unfair, and I have no complaints about the others

So what’s your suggestion?

Pair him up with arurzar and half your fl gone in an instant . Gotta love that thing

I play Kanna so not for me :joy:

I don’t see the problem


I agree, i mean there’s a lot more broken monsters rather than Nauticruiser


Limit the number of derivatives, or remove the hg of derivatives


friend there are many others who need a nerf example Lemon in second form or the gf of light as I said among many others nauticruser is quite balanced

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Just take stun immunity from his minions and he will be pretty balanced.

No way bro the only good reason is to limit the numbers to 5


Poison absolutely destroys Nauticruiser. Enough said.

It’s a fun monster to use, I don’t have it but it’s kind of a gimmicky one. It was worse on release and then it got a buff, now it’s useable.


3 is ok Or change the tu of the summon token to 70