Let's talk about Medbie

I would like to know what the community of this Mitica thinks😁

Be free to express

There has been a discussion about medbie’s second form and the final form in tier list of kd

  1. Overconfident strike is a big thing missing

  2. Revitalize is another big thing here

  3. She’s slow

  4. Needs to be built around or be placed near Dusy
    I’ve tested Medbie in PvP. With the right setup, she can be very strong. I noticed some things:

  5. Bunnies with Shield Field are very good

  6. Without protection, she’s vulnerable to the many chrono killers

  7. Chromera doesn’t one shot her, but it’s one shoted by her

  8. She’s so slow that almost any monster can act before her, so she needs protectors



This is what anxag said about medbie

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I think this girl needs a little help, I have met her a few times in PVP and the reason is that the difficulty of making her play and also succeed in her strategy is very low in Compared to other monsters, If I’m not mistaken it’s the only mythic with a team turn ability and it’s the hardest to set .It’s disappointing to have a Mythic that can offer a lot more on the bench, because there are epic monsters that are more reliable.