Leobolt Should Get A 5th Evolution

This homie carries EVERYONE through the early stages of the game. @Dev_VKC let’s show him some love and give him a 5-Star Evolution that’s competitive in PvP! :zap:


You mean make him a se? Maybe just an epic but not a clone of that bunny guy

I would agree to add 4 or 5 star evolutions to some of the monsters catchable

Leo bolt is a guardian in my eyes. Make him a SE

Interesting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol i remember combo with leobolt & voltiger.
Damn its been a long time…
I agree give something special to our first free monster.
Maybe for voltiger too first catchable rare monster

And Hellataur behind Voltiger for the poison. First poison touch/eater mons. But my favorite is Rhynobrute. Once it was him against 3 mons for the win in a Grand 4 fight. He killed all 3 of them with Death Roulette and I won. I’ll never forget it because usually he just kills himself or a teammate :joy:

He either shrekked your team or theirs. It was a beast. And death revenge was just :ok_hand:

In a general note, more legenderies / SE versions of a weaker monsters are always welcome.

Like raizen and the little stun burst on a cloud monster, or moji and mojinator. I like those ideas

I completely agree. Making him go from 3 to 5 stars might be a little weird, but a 4 star ue is something he just deserves.

Leobolt was always so cool. Everyone uses it for a long time! I’d love to see it evolve all the way up to 5*, using a moalith to become 4* then a special mission where you can get more Leobolts so you have three at 4* to create the 5* version.

Haven’t thought about what the 4* version could be. However, 5* version could be as follows:


  1. Assisted hit all
  2. Chrono killer / Zealous attack
  3. Accelerate team
  4. Assassinate


  1. Shocking entrance

I want to do something more with active (2) but the high speed of the monster (92%) means you can’t make it lots of different support moves like stealth, lifeflip or risky heal. Zealous attack is there as a way to kill itself off if needed, while chrono killer is there as a decent move to go with the killer theme it already has with protector killer. However, chrono killer on a monster with high speed, shocking entrance and assassinate may be too OP. The general concept here is boosting what it already does as stunning, killing protectors and accelerating the team.

no more shockers needed

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The shockers are incredibly useful tools which not everyone has access to. They’re excellent especially because they can send themselves back, allowing a second shocking entrance and not allowing themselves to be dead weight on the field.

What I’ve proposed here is a 10-cost shocker that can’t leave the field nor do a second shocking entrance. Instead it has some useful moves to help out on the field a bit, without being too strong there.

Give it a bit of thought rather than expressing your hatred of the monsters already in the game. The legendary shockers are still significantly better at what they’re used for plus there are three which is plenty for people to use. I highly doubt people will use four.

This does have to happen. 4* should be:
-Assisted thunder
-Time strike
-Accelerate team/overwatch
-Protector killer

-stun revenge
-stunning enterance

Basically the same but more power and assisted thunder and a bit more stun. Or is that op?

Its not the sendback for extra stun that is the problem, but the amount shocking entrance stuns.

Hahaha hellataur is also one of my favorite starter mon
I sometime combine him with poison revenge monster which i forgot xD

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I think accelerate team has to be kept. It’s a very useful support skill and one of the key parts of why we used Leobolt back at the beginning.

I’m also not a huge fan of giving it timestrike, because it’s got 92% speed. It feels a little bit cheap being able to stun on entrance then timestrike something. But yeah stun revenge would work nicely.

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I thought you guys were talking about leogeist at the beginning.

That is Legendary bro…

5 stars should be like this


  • Protector Killer
  • Accelerate team
  • Chrono Killer
  • Assisted Thunder All

Stunning Entrance

protector killer, accelerate team, and stunning entrance are characteristic of leobolt, so keep those skills…

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A 5* shocker? You for real?