Legendary Festival

Hello! After opening the 40% chance Legendary special egg and getting a Super Epic, I did a 10+1 Gem legendary festival pack and got what’s attached.

The 1st PM I get receives my restore code. It has Shivadragon, Tri headed red poison dragon, Shadowyrm and Godfeather. Those should help someone along with the other Super Epics I’ve been collecting.

Thank you everyone for having me. I will not put with this game any longer. 

same happened with me.i open so many eggs and all for nothing

Don´t be mad. In rare egg is 60% for getting SE it means that you likely get SE than legendary and in festival egg is only 6,1% for getting legendary that is low chance. I also did not get single legendary mon. Next time you can be the lucky one :slight_smile:

I got nth too so you are not alone

I’m just going to state for future reference. To accurately determine the odds of something, you’d want to run enough trials to get ~1000 successes. Which means you’d have to hatch on the order of 15,000-20,000 eggs during festival to get an accurate data set. As this is the only thread about the festival egg still open, I regret having to post it here.

Cheers Pentashock if that is your final decision. Hope life treats you well and GL in finding someone to take up the account. I’m sure someone would love to have it :slight_smile:

If you choose to stay, know that you can always play purely for the enjoyment of the game itself. I’ve pretty much resolved against ever getting any of the legends I need from bad luck for UC mons, and just try to see what weird strats I can run for fun otherwise.