@Dev_VKC The thing is called “All star FESTIVAL” but only 4% drop rate.

It’s only a 3% boost per monster. And there’s 10 of them

Ya this is a great festival for newer accounts, no doubt. But anyone with a veteran account shouldnt waste their time. We all want BB or Gyo but the odds are :poop:.

And then theres this little blunder of mine on my account without BB

Not really a festival, odds are terrible

It’s labeled as such, that’s the point.

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We are trying to introduce different egg events.
This type of egg is actually called All-Star Egg, players can see the name in the egg page as well.

We are sorry for causing confusion due to the banner design, and will be more careful next time.

It’s a good egg. 3x chance on 6 legendaries makes it 18 / (32+18) = 36% chance of each legendary being a featured one. So even though it’s a lower chance of getting legendaries it’s basically like a good special egg and the featured monsters are all great PvP ones.

But yeah… calling it a festival is a little misleading because that usually means it’s 1.5x chance of legendaries and super epics.