Legendary Dilemma!

So I’ve got 2 Omegamids & 1 Legendary Potion —> I need to decide between:

Cloudtail +1 -> Goldtail

Shadowstalker -> Shadowhunter

Dreadgoul -> Soulstealer

Rexo -> Rexotyrant

Dilemma is:

I have a fully evolved +1 Stormloch already so I have all the pieces for an awesome sleep team until I rolled Rexo today…

Please weigh in or post your own Ultraevolution dilemmas as well!

Happy Hunting!

I would go rexo

I would go goldtail and rexo

Gold tail +1 = 48 TU potent sleep… while enemy purify cost 50 TU, so u cant sleep him twice :slight_smile:

EDIT : Wait… your goldtail already +1?? pass this comment  :blink:

Well, here’s a dilemma- I have THIRTEEN freakin omegamids, and nobody to use them on. Would be nice if I could just like pass them around or something.

I got a dupe of cloudtail but i haven’t evolved him yet so he’ll be +1 when I evolve him. 

I have been thinking cloudtail and Rexo. But sleep teams seem to be on the rise so my thoughts were having two more fully evolved sleepers may be quite good for an overall strategy. I guess rexo fits in all teams tho.

Rexo and last bite have allowed me to be 100-171. 14/16 monsters are made to let rexo sweep.

I have -4 legends to evolve. Which one first?

Evolve the gatekeeper.

I understand your pain, are you also F2P? I’m nearly entirely, and sitting on 13 mids with nothing to use them on :stuck_out_tongue:

paid 40 on the motordragon one, other than that yes. Got a rather measly 4 legends, haven’t gotten one since the 4 in 1 festival with atra.


I have 12 omegamids.