Help with legendary

I have one omegamid. Should I use it on my dreadghoul, my cloudtail, or save it for a better legend?

only thing I can say is you should definitely use it as it will help you advance in both online & offline mode and perhaps help you through an event.

who knows when the next legendary comes along…

as to who you’d have to ultra-evolve… depends on your team setup and needs I think

If you really want to evolve one I would choose goldtail, but if you have a sleep based team dreadgoul because he gets death sentence all and bloodthirst.

The thing is that both of the legendaries aren’t the best, I would choose Stormloch or Shadowhunter over these as a sleep monster. So you could also wait to get a legendary but that might cost a lot of time. I think that the best thing to do is evolve one of your legendaries you have right now because then your team will be stronger so you can stack your gems way easier then before.

Oh and by the time you get a new legendary you’ll probably have another omegamid already :wink:

I use the cloudtail a lot more so I guess I’ll just use it on him. I just barely made it to level 45 to get the last omegamid, are all of those type events lvl 45 or higher?

There are ultimate challenges or other events but those are more difficult than the real omegamid event. For example there is an ultimate challenge with Oniblade and Chronotitan. If you win the extreme (3rd) challenge you’ll get an omegamid and two gems.

On mine the prize for extreme is 2 gems and a crystal mouth… Is it different for everybody?

No, he just messed up a little bit. It is a crystalmouth this time.

There will be another 1, soulstealer omegamid.
Last 1 at deodrake omegamid and its pretty hard w/o my penguini

Goldtail gets potent sleep which is 75% instead of 60%. It’s *almost* like going from an auto protect to an aegisdragon. It’s really nice as long as you support him

This time it’s crystal mouth, was used to omegamids with ultimate challenges :wink:

I have 6 omega info but only two crystal mouths and have to farm more

I have 1 omega, should i evolve orcruiser or mysticorn?

Depend if you want to water ass. Line

thanks i will evolve orcruiser