Trade accounts?

Hey, so I’ve been thinking and I really don’t like my team / monsters much, I really want a good sleep team so I was wondering, does anyone want to trade their account with mine, I’m looking for something with at least 2 or more sleep / dream hunt (goldtail, storm loch, shadowhunter, wraithcaptain and/or polareon) based legendaries, check pics below for my team :).I’ve finished all of the story offline and online with my team, it’s really good for both pve and pvp

No sleep legends for me. . . Just warca, shadowyrm, flarevern, and Dragaia. Rather attached to them.

I’ve got an old account that has Godfeather, Stormloch, Rexo, Esapizeron, Hydrokaizer, Ragnawolf, Shadowbaron, Blizzheart, Draconought, Poseidon, Glacierback, Halozwei all ultra-evolved and a lot of great epics.

Sounds interesting, I’m still making up my mind if I want to or not :confused: but I’ll keep it in mind :smiley: I’m trying to get a good start on an alt account but I can’t roll a legendary ;( I did get a penguini but I’ve got dragaia on my main and I want a dif team so I’ll see if I can get anything good on this alt or not before I decide to change my main

Why? Your level must be 60+ based on monsters cost.I’m not sure since we’re the same range ranks but i’ve got cloudtail only less aeromid to goldtail,shadowhunter,nebelronix,the godfeather,alphagear and some good super epics and the rest are dupes

I’m rank 66 at the moment :slight_smile: also I like the offer 4live, I really like gold tail and shadowhunter, they’re my 2 fav monsters in the game and what do you mean only less aeromid, do you mean it only needs an aeromid to ultra evolve?

I’m rank 69 right now.
Yup. already have omegamid and 600k+ silvercoins, aeromid is the only one pyramids i was bad for it :frowning:
I’m still not sure about this one idea

What one idea??


This account has finished in the top 50 PVP. Offline past history and easily Online.

Legendary sleeping: Soulstealer, Bonus: +1

You have to think of your event exclusive monsters. Chimeraxis, willowyrm, Blitzdragon, shinobidragon, cryogolem, canuswyrm

All appointed BlitzDragon is the only decent for PVP.

All others are meh.

I could really use blitz. :frowning:

you’re right!

Hey, I’m really interested in you offer :slight_smile: check you private messages, thanks :slight_smile:

Still open to offers btw, read my first post to see what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

Also if anyone was / is wondering all tiamad needs to ultra evolve is a luxmid, I already got an omegamid for him

Still open to offers