Last Stand OP?

Hello everyone. This is my first post and unfortunately it is one in which I am slightly peeved.

I think the last stand attack that the starters have is super over powered. Perhaps just for PvP. I don’t really care for campaign/story mode, even though I still think it’s kinda cheap. I don’t mind Don penguini’s as much because it has a twice as long cool down but even still that’s still over powered.

I play a decent amount of Pvp and I’ll decimate an opponent and still have 10 of 15 monster left, all of which are 8.5 stars and over. Then their last monster will be Glazio, etc…, and they will kill all of my monsters one by one because of the short cool down and extremely high attack.

I find this to be extremely annoying and something difficult to counter. Doesn’t seem like something that should be allowed in the PvP. Maybe I’m just looking at this the wrong way, who knows. Either way, thoughts are appreciated.

P.S. I waited for this game forever, checked their FB page everyday for this , played DIB for days , and completely loved this game. Just to make that clear.

The real trick is just making sure that last stand doesn’t activate. I ran a PvP match where my oponent had a Don penguini and Glazio as they’re last two ARK’s. I took them down little by little together until i lined up  my arks to take them both out before their next turn.

Last stand is a great skill. But there is a downside this has to be your last creature for it to do anything. I dont really think it’s OP for PVP as it can really only be used by 1 creature and if it dies they loose. Typically you do get to see this comming so it shouldn’t be any surprise and you should be able to figure out how to deal with it (unless the have three sac creatures before it and some of them stun, in wich case I hope you have a few extra creatures in the way before they try and combo you out).

Even then, there is a strategy to counter it.  Quite a good one if you know where to find it.  I’m not going to give it away though.

Heck maybe more than one, cuz I just thought of another while typing this.  

And if you wade through their team and have 10 monsters left, maybe your first 5 were just as OP as Glazio.  I wouldn’t complain so much and think how you could counter it.  (not trying to be mean, but you sound like you are bummed it wasn’t a total party kill, when they had a perfectly valid strategy)

You wouldn’t be taking about death revenge abilities would you? :D if not I need to do some more research

Er, no I was not, actually.  LOL

See how great this game is?  :D

Like I said , I wasn’t trying to bash the game or complain so much.

As for my first 5 monsters go , they’re higher ranks than the opponents monster , not over powered. Glazio isn’t that powerful, just that one ability that the starters have.

I didn’t look for counter measures, which I will. I just don’t think one monster should be able to down 10 in any circumstance.

it’s Last stand. it’s a great move and most people forget about it

DARN!!! Time for more research then…

It’s part of the game thuogh, you could literally build a whole team around a last stand strategy, or, you could do a stun stategy or a straight up “counter the best strategies” strategy with less common ARK’s. There’s a lot to be said as far as skills in the game, and last stand is a really really great skill, but i’ve not had someone kill 10 of my creatures with it yet. I have had them kill 4 though and it was becuase they stunned my team and tactically chose whome to kill.

But again when  saw stormfox, raijin, and churub with one creatue left on the roster… I knew what was comming.

When it works…it works great.  But it doesn’t always work.  Compared to…say…Omegawyrm or other brute force monsters which just mash the AOE attacks, no brainpower there.  But as people learn how to counter it, it will become harder to pull off.  

I wouldn’t say its a counter to AoE as much as a last ditch effort. Stun monsters are great against huge ARKs.

Idk, I suppose maybe it’s just me or I’m still salty due to that huge upset.

I hear tht loud and clear mate, no worries though, now it’s your turn to flip a battle on it’s back! Just have too decide how you’d like to do so

Like I said in my earlier post, last Stand is the most OP skill -WITH- the right set up, still there a lot of ways to counter Last stand, so no, all strategy in this game still have its counter

i’ve had plenty of people try to last stand me but let’s face it, dont let him have just 1 ark out and its a win.

but how can you prevent the player from sacrificing 2 of his last 3 characters?

Try knockback. :slight_smile:

I have a harder time against the Penguin .-. I just try to kill it before killing the other Arkadions.

I keep fighting people with pretty weak monsters and all they do at the end is stun me so bad then use don penguini and I can’t attack and they beat me… It’s pretty annoying

It’s a strategy they use. A pretty good one, too. There are counters to it.

Yep. Absolutely fantastic move against the almighty showdowners.

What monsters have knockback?

Mammut, snowstag, etc.