Battle arena

Anyone finished this yer ? htshmh.jpg

Yep I finished it last week

Yep already finished it :stuck_out_tongue: U need at least 2 or 3 arks with Metal slash to get through the Metallodiuses or something like that hahahah

Yea ugh , those guys are crazy lol

Im on A and its still pretty easy. Zipping right through those guys.

How hard is it at S?

the metallos are anoying T_T I am at the last battle of s rank

Ehh its challenging deff wont be knocking them out with one hit , but the last battle sure is

Anyone else had this problem. I finished it and claimed Anubis. But he is not in my collection of arks. Anyone know where he has gone?

Hes there , you prolly not looking correctly

shadowlance and flamogun for the win lol

The final battle is really hard. I have finished it using this strategy:

(1) Train an Ark with metal slash such as Shadow Lancer or an elementless Ark like Arkwing to level 99.

(2) Collect Arks with Knockback. Knock the metallos to the back.

(3) Train Don Penguini (for Showdown) or a starter (for Last Stand) to level 99.

(4) During the battle, find a way to reduce the number of opponent’s Arks to ~20.

(5) Use Storm Fox for flash bomb. Then get Rahoi to cast haste on Don Penguini and then cast stun gift. Don’s Showdown TU should go down to ~60. It should be able to cast Showdown for 7-8 rounds. Being an S grade, it should get a number of Bonus Actions too.

Good luck!

Ack. I’m stick on last battle now I’m training an army of shadowlances