Battle arena a last battle tactics

I can’t defeat the last guy in battle arena s, could someone tell what is the best arkadions and tactics to finish this. Take note, try not to include OM arkadions, try to only include arkadions obtainable in the game. Thanks:)
Sorry if the title says battle arena a. It is a typo, it is supposed to be s.
And could I also ask what happens after u play finish the whole battle arena, do u get to restart and get the rewards again or u can’t

You’re gonna want some metal slashers for sure. Shadowlance and flamogun both have them. Some aoe never hurts either if shadowlance and flamogun are defeated. Arkwing and omegawyrm are good choices. Then tanks barricadus and stegotops could be good to take in the abuse from the metalodiouses and others.

As for the second question, no youndont get to redo the arena again unless your playing on a different save file.

I’d like to help but I can’t remember his arks :frowning:

Use arks with metal slash and beast bane can come in handy too

Start off with some stun skin monsters, then go 2 more flash bombs and start picking them off one by one! You want a barricadus because the metallouidus do like 10 damage to him and plenty of metal slashers… I beat it by starting off with a series of stun skins and flash bombs, then used barricudus and two tanky monsters (i used angeleon and omegawyrm) use haste then go no guard with omega and just decimate the first series of monsters till your barricadus dies, then have a healing monster behind Omega to heal him. When Omega dies, then you should have some metal slashers and such… I got a charcalynx in a golden egg spin (lucky me?) and used him to go crazy on their team… I had a healing monster besides charcalyx and he just kept one hitting monsters because he is OP… 

I honestly can’t remember my team, but if all else fails just put the Don at the end and showdown your way to victory :wink:

It took me long to defeat this one

I found elementless arks like Arkwing, Omegawyrm, Nilox etc  to be helpful as well (although not as good as Metal Slash of course). Metallodious if a poor attacker so your elementless arks do a lot more super effective damage to it then it does to you

Thanks guys I am going to try out the tactics now, I will see whether it works:):):):slight_smile:

Ull need S grades too ! To get bonus actions and make sure u dont use ur first ones too early