How's bloodthirst now?

Anyone did test on its damage with two stacks of killing buffs, is it higher than bloodcrave with one stack?

It’s powerful than ever before, i’ve tested on shadowstalker and killed flavern with almost full health with one shot. it’s decent to put him into line up :slight_smile:

Ok so I tested using lunaverios and zepherox as there attack is only 15 points apart and they are the same element. I attacked the seraphon from the last mission with Luna’s blood thirst activated after two kills and zephy’ crave active after one.

Blood crave did 3429 damage.

Bloodthirst did a whopping 10500 damage.

So bloodthirst after two kills is about 3x as powerful as crave with 1

Ok I also did the test with my kamiwrym, it did 18k damage after 2 stacks without elemental counter, but it did almost the same damage with 3 stacks?

I do not think it matters much after 18k though haha. Bloodthirst is much more effective probably replacing rexo now.

I think it’s not very cool now. Too much power to quick and puts skills like blood crave down, which makes those monsters pretty useless in my eyes. You rather take a 5 star blood thirst monster than a 6 star blood crave.
Hopefully there will be a rebalancing in the future…

If I am not mistaken there are no 6 star bloodcrave monsters anyway also monsters with bloodcrave are still very useful namely zeph and gear wolf who have team turn and knock back. Bloodthirst needed the upgrade though especially for the twin death sentence monster.

Why did they change it?

Someone should test the difference between blood thirst and blood fury.

Blood fury is still significantly better

great. can finally utilize all my bloodthirst / twin death sentence monsters somewhat

Atrahasis has it. And speaking of bloodcrave, it does have 100 seconds on it, while bloodthirst has 130. That counts for something, right?

Bloodfury is still significantly better with the one vs two kills.  I think Bloodthirst has had a welcome change.  It was very difficult to get the 4-5 kills to power up bloodthirst to one hit mons, whereas bloodcrave and bloodfury only took 1 kill…  Now people might actually bring some of the bloodthirst monsters into their teams.

Blood fury and blood thirst have exactly the same descriptions. An in evoed legendary doesn’t take that long to start 1 hitting. An evoed one I’m sure is quicker.

I would like to think Kami n Necro were quite prevalent, so where does that leave them?

I have a Kamiwyrm and he is way stronger, bloodthirst was actually crap before because you had to build it several times to get massive damage but now it is compromised well.

Ahh now evrybody will happy got darkslither as first spin xD

technically given the right setup you could use the upgraded twin death sentencers by using TD & sleep all to lock em down for 300s after their Death sentences proc their bloodthirst activates and you can start sweeping. Pretty sure its viable now with some tweaks here n there.

I have Necro no evoed and he starts killing after 2/3 kills depending on the level. Issue is there needs to be a difference between blood thirst and blood fury.

blood thirst imy Necro can 2 shot a low level opponent with blood thirst depending on level without even killing anything.

Blood fury without a kill is useless, blood thirst isn’t. Blood fury should scale faster.

If this is still the case, ok, no one seems to be able to make it clear though.

And this is just using legendaries, who aren’t equally leveled.
Blood thirst mons tend to have other ways to critical hit,

Blood crave don’t,

Did they look at the data and see people using team turn and guess the blood crave was the reason?

Yup im happy with these changes.

I have both Shadowhunter and Rexotyrant. I would say bloodthirst became better BUT bloodfury is still my number one skill besides last bite. It only requires one kill and its can be from a guaranteed timestrike not some chance of two dreamhunts.

Overall though, I would say Shadowhunter is better than rexo with this update. With hold ground and dreamhunt it can heal health. Which means Shadowhunter can be deadly on its own to some extent. Rexotyrant has no hold ground and can’t heal without further support from other mons. Just keep in mind, it’s never a win win situation. Each mon wins some and loses some.

A poisoned God feather can be killed by a hold ground Shadowhunter after last bite used on it. If it were Rexotyrant, say good bye KO

The fact that Shadowhunter survives longer doesn’t make him better than Rexo. I’ve also got Stormloch and Rexo, and Rexo is way better for me. Although I have a sleep based team and Stormloch has a lot of support in there my rexo is still better because you just timestrike and trigger bloodfury that does way more damage. Even with the update Rexo is still better in my opinion.