Kamiwyrm evolution??

in neo monsters is there a further kamiwyrm evolution?

I don’t know, but a Kamiwyrm evolution would be very cool in the new game :slight_smile:

Agreed, if there is i wil 100% transfer him over!

Kami’s skill set is not so great. If there is an evolution, I hope some skills change too.

I’m personally quite a fan of Kamiwyrm, and would love an evolution :).

Kamiwyrm does have an evolution :slight_smile:

Everyone can transfer it because Orbling now evolves into Kamiwyrm then Kamiwyrm into the next

Unless Ryan was lying :wink:

Really? That would be awesome! I know who I am transferring, an Orbling.

Cool ! I’d like to see it when they show the new monsters :slight_smile:
If it’s true, i’ll consider to transfer an Orbling from HI :slight_smile:

LOL I’d laugh if Ryan comes out and goes all like 'WHAT NO NO NO I WAS KIDDING, SORRY"

And everyone just brought an orbling with them :stuck_out_tongue:

And it turns out you still need to fuse five to get kami

A Kamiwyrm evolution would be rediculously OP. I really hope orbling is still obtainable in NM, because I definetly know what my third is now xD.

I guess I’m the only one that thinks Kami is not that powerful … lol

I don’t find him incredibly powerful, but when set up with the right arks it can be devastating. If you have kami, cyberwyrm, then terrorfish, you can stasis all 3 monsters then just endbringer

I don’t have kamiwyrm in HI yet, the people in pvp are too OP and I find it difficult to get rewards

If you can get a single orbling, you can transfer that over and it’ll evolve. And don’t worry, you won’t be behind because all transferred monsters are set to level 1 of their baby forms, so even if you did transfer an actual kamiwyrm, it would still come out as a level 1 orbling, so if you want kami just bring an orbling.

So far as I know, there are several monsters similar as Kamiwyrm in Neomonster with different element type, their rarities are all super epic (the second best), and there is one looks completely the same as Kamiwyrm, water type, which is legendary (the best rarity). I just wondering if there is any different between delivering the orbling and Kamiwyrm :stuck_out_tongue: ~~

Nope, it makes not difference which one is transferred. As a side note, the death version of kamiwyrm is also legendary

Woo, you have tried the transfer system?~~

No, Ryan said that that transferring orbling would let you get kamiwyrm, and the one in the eggs is orbling

Thanks. But I suppose I would wait until I know the skill setting of Kamiwyrm in Neomonster, after all, the skill setting in NM is quite different from HI, I am not sure if it match my team or not :stuck_out_tongue: ~~