Just wondering what his move set is, and his stats… thanks

Don’t know its stats.

I only know the name of one of its moves. Stasis. One of the best strategic moves in the game. I believe it costs 250TU, and puts target to sleep for 375 TU. But that asleep target cannot be damaged. I think. Not sure.

Sorry I can’t help much more. 

Kamiwyrm…takes alot of diamonds to get. I’m like…0.00000000000001% from getting it. (Probably not, but I’m to lazy to calculate!)

(Level 75 stats for PvP)

Blizzard: Targets all enemies, 1159-1416 damage.

Stasis: Targets 1 enemy, puts it to sleep for 375 TU (costs 250). Blocks damage for 1 hit.

Charisma: +75 attack/magic to allies.

Xenowave: -99% per active water enemy, 3515-4296 damage.

Reincarnate: Sacrifices this monster and adds a random one to the end.

HP: 1725

Attack: 1059

Magic: 1490

Speed: 21

Defense: 1647

Resist: 1647

Wow I can really see why he is so difficult to get, not inly very strategic but also just brutally strong overall!

out of curiosity is that much better than omegawyrm?  

2nd) xenowave… what is that suppose to do really? sounds strong but never does anything

I personally think it’s way better than Omega PvP wise at least. As for xenowave it is an amazing move you just have to make sure to kill off the opponents water types before using it. It has this drawback because it is a very powerful move.

Kamiwyrm destroys Omegawyrm badly, in terms of moves (and general stats). 

What can Omegawyrm do? It can do two whole-field attacks that do up to 1897 damage. It can use no guard to boost itself but make itself really weak as well. And it can use vengeance, which hits 1 enemy and does major damage if Omegawyrm is last. 

Now let’s look at Kamiwyrm.

First, we have our whole field attack. Kami’s is not as strong - only doing 1416, but it is also 50 TU less (200 instead of 250). 

Then Kamiwyrm has Stasis. This, alone, makes Kamiwyrm superior to Omegawyrm. You can put an enemy to sleep indefinitely with it (it’s for 375 TU but you can keep re-using it). And by disabling an enemy, you can ruin opponent strategies and focus on the non-disabled ones. 

Then it has Charisma, boosting attack and magic by 75 to all friends. 

And Xenowave… 4,300 damage to 1 enemy at only 160 TU. It doesn’t do much if the enemy has water monsters, but otherwise 4,200 damage. That’s insane damage. 

And finally we have reincarnate, so that when Kamiwyrm is just about dead you can replace it with a random high star monster. 

So you get high damage and some very useful strategy abilities with Kamiwyrm, whereas Omega is just pure damage. And PvP tends to be much more based on strategy than just pure damage.

Tell that to the people who do nothing but spam AOEs and overload their team with dragons.

They’ll lose to the strategy teams :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I have definitely noticed the “strategy” on pvp. gets me good sometimes. Kami does sound much stronger! going to take me a loooonnnnggg time to get him tho 960,000 is a lot!!! especially when u only get 500 gems for a win (which is hard)

But anyways, u mentioned 5 moves… I’ve noticed I have guys with 5-6 moves but only see 4 when battling and can’t figure out how to switch moves in/out.  What am I doing wrong here?

Yes they will, I use a bunch of the strongest guys (u can get from farming that is) and I will win, but when someone with good strategy comes along… forget it i’m a goner

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The 5th ability of Kamiwyrm, Charisma, is not an ability that can be used in battle. It’s what is known as a “passive” ability - that is, it happens automatically. It may happen all the time automatically, or it may trigger when the monster dies or gets hit. But those abilities can’t be physically used by the player, and won’t appear in the list. 

So instead of listing them as a “move” on the moves list (since you can’t personally use these) why don’t we put them on the bottom under an “special abilities” title or something

You can tell because when you tap on it, it doesn’t show a TU cost to use it if it’s passive.

Oh ok, just recommended that bc I had NO idea till just now. figured it’d be easier for noobies to understand. but thanks for the clarification

Yes, there should be some distinction. But that’s the way to tell for now :slight_smile:

Yep yep, passives are GREAT! Death revengers, Last wills, blah blah blah. Fun for everyone!

Well, except your opponents. :wink:

Lol yup tib, i love passive abilities they can stun, do damage, and raise your teams stats =D arent they just the best?

Tackle is still the best imo.

Hmm that’s interesting, can you confirm that it’s indeed always going to be a high star ark? Like, can you do a test over say 10 encounters and say what arks you got?