Just my 1 cent opinion

Hi everyone i was thinking maybe in the game when you choose your starter that maybe theres an option for a dragon? Like maybe you could choose a drag for a starter instead of the usual, or even get a dragon with your starter if it doesnt seem to greedy? (Again just my 1 cent) like for example you choose frostkit you get leafie (because frostkits weak against air leafie beats air) or even like the same element like if you choose sparkongs baby form (i forget name) you get galey

Well, that would indeed cut down farming time. But it might make the game a bit too… easy? Even if it gets you started out better, it’ll sort of make the game, in my opinion, too “leisurely” to play?

Hatchlings aren’t really required for the game. Yes, they’re valuable, but Hi isn’t unplayable if you never get one. So I was thinking the choice to earn hatchlings by playing is better, and you already have a dragon starter in DIB anyways.

Though I must admit, that suggestion about doing something more “fun” with hatchlings really appealed to me.

Maybe a Christmas event to Gain a s grade hatchling would be fun well more so useful or on the topic of grades it’s so hard to get s grade arks if you could buy the grade boosters in game for say 50000 silver would be good

I think thats a great idea for Christmas or anniversary they could give away a hatchling of a high grade

I kinda thought it would be to easy to, but i was just saying my opinion. It wouldn’t be to leisurely if you would have the option to get a hatchling as a starter and yes it would rip off DIB, and it would make starters not as valuable.

In my opinion, freebies are not the way to go for events. I’d like a Christmas-themed mission with a Christmas-themed prize…not “here’s a S bluey, enjoy.”

But I’m fine with considering Dragonlings to be starters. Player can choose one of 8 monsters, and there should be a copy of every other starter in the first egg…but the first egg should be made much harder to compensate for that (adding a lot more monsters to it).

In before tiberius times it :slight_smile:

^I time the first egg all the time. It’s the easiest one.

Isn’t brakie a dragon lol? I spent a long time finding my hatchlings. When you spend a lot of time it just makes the victory of getting them all sweeter. Which is the point. Hatchlings are supposed to be rare. Its also so that not everyone gets high ranking omega so fast :b or high rank of the wyrms. I think its fine as it is.

Brakie is actually classified as a beast. So not really.

Really? I thought brakie was a dragon, i have a game file with him, ill just go check
Actually he is, i just checked (dragon)

I shift the blame on the notes that we are provided with

Brakie and evolutionary is dragon, fuse it with thunderback and you will get a beast tremorback