Jawshank Roaring Entrance

Hi people I’ve suffering the issue that when my jawshank enters the field after backstabbing a shocking vengeance of mine and there is a stun counter or stun converter in the enemy team they get the turn before my jawshank despite it’s roaring entrance but when i have a stun counter or converter in my side and centaureon enters he ALWAYS gets the turn fist despite it’s shocking entrance to me jawshank is nerfed or centaureon is buffed Devs really need to fix this I’ve lost a huge amount of fights because of it despite how small it looks. Ohhhh i almost forgot the dame happens when my jawshank enters and there is a enemy monster with 1 sec my jawshank goes 2nd and that doesn’t affects Centaureon or Searguard because the ALWAYS attack first i really tired of losing because of this ripp off i really hope you fix it and i hope I’m the voice speaking for everyone with the same problem

Can we remove hg from jawshank or let me un-evolve it to its middle stage? Either would work @Dev_VKC :muscle:

Yes ,I had the exact same thing happened to me and I discussed it in one of my tread called Entrance Passive.Entrance passive are really bugged some people get turns before other despite it saying it shouldn’t or effect not being applied (like dreaming entrance).

This was discussed in the Line chat where Jesusdm97 brought it up there.

Case 1 (cannibalise stun revenge when enemy team has stun converter/counter):
Here stun revenge stuns the enemy team before your roaring entrance monster comes in. This stun gives the enemy monster(s) a turn then your roaring entrance goes as close to 0s as possible, 1s behind the stun converter/counter currently with a turn. This is working as designed and is not anything weird.

Case 2 (Centaureon enters and the enemy has a stun converter/counter):
Here champion entrance is programmed to do roaring entrance then stunning entrance right afterwards. Centaureon already has a turn so the enemy monsters are brought as close to 0s as possible, 1s behind Centaureon. Again, nothing strange here just champion entrance has been designed to not get quite so hard countered by enemy stun converters/counters.

Case 3 (a monster at 1s when your roaring entrance monster enters poisoned - I think?):
I don’t know the exact specifics here but maybe they have coded it so when a roaring entrance monster enters and is poisoned 1s is passed so they take damage from the poison (to instantly break any shield or kill them if they enter with 1HP). This one is a bit weird and perhaps somebody could explain it better. I may be wrong with what I’m writing. It is definitely more confusing for people and maybe the Devs should think about changing it.

Whenever we get roaring entrance on a monster the community overhypes that monster to ridiculous levels. I always find it so ironic how it’s also the thing people complain about most for “not working properly” or how it needs to be buffed. It’s a good mechanic that is clearly described in the game and almost all cases can be explained easily. I wish people would just accept it how it is and stop calling it bugged or getting frustrated when their monster doesn’t get a free turn.