Island Challenge

So how’s everyone going in the latest Island Challenge?

I lost on floor 11… I think there should be a consolation reward for that


Got unlucky with your drafts?

5 star 400sec bomber which is great. Then it turned out Not so great when I had 5 purifiers to Protect it

2 bliztdragon 2 stun bomb 1 stunburst and protector. So far so good :ok_hand:

Devilborh and viri. I rely on survivor.

My first 5 Star was a Throw/Bloodcrave and the second one was a Twinkiller. All of my other drafts have been Stunbomb/burst, with an Epic Timestrike/Poison Revenge thrown into the mix.

My team is so poor
I’m waiting for legends. Kong in pve is so bad…

Doing Great!

Worst IC ever. Haven’t drafted one decent sweeper. Best I have is a 3 star survivor which is useless. How exactly am I suppose to win any matches with just support monsters and all the TK/poison teams out there. So frustrating

Lost on floor 6 three times…Stop climbing after floor 20.

Thats ridiculous the monsters we get

Did Legendaries draft already?
I face one with a Legendary…
Then, have I miss a draft.? :unamused::unamused::unamused: