Island challenge

Guess I’ll have to wait a couple more refreshes since system only wants to give me lvl2-4 sleep mons and you only fight poison teams…ugh so dumb. So balanced.

Yeah I noticed it takes longer to regen tickets…long as i get 120 it’ll be good.

Hope you get a ridiculous draft next friend!

DEVS why the tickets take so long to regen? It should be 1 ticket every 30 minuts right? now its 1 ticket per hour? Just why?
Another great work DEVS u are the best
Keep screwing it we love it
Dont forgot to spam new legends and new featured eggs
We really dont care about the bugs and the new bugs coming its all good
Keep the good work

I saw what you did there at the end

Ticket/token regen last IC was every 40 minutes, and only 5/5, whilst now its 1hr, then 10/10, imo its better, i think we can all finish this one. :relaxed:

You actually get more times to do it because of the amount you don’t miss while you are sleeping.

I think top 10 decided not to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

It used to be 5 tickets only. So we actually got more tickets and won’t waste any when we sleep :wink:

In the last three island challenge i went to 300 lvl but in this one I’m stuck at 116 level I got a shity team

Two teams in a row with Penguinator. I mentioned this last IC as well, you cannot give such a monster to many people in this event, too (for a lack of better words) OP

Agree,since there are only 10 monster in our team and enemy team is buffed,penguinator is way too op.
F2P Arash

Well done with this game. Only took me 6 weeks to figure out its a money pit. Devs only create content that requires you to buy eggs or you get stuck with bs events like this challenge where enemy team has all legendaries and mons are all blasting your crap team into oblivion. I’m stuck at 111 and doesn’t look like I’ll be going any further. Heck enemy team could have 2 mons and still beat me. F it time to find another game with actual content.

1 eyed king

My team has penguinator plus shadowyrm… :expressionless:

You are pain in *** then :smiley:

Mike told me that he will look into making legends more common along with secret skills.

I also made the point to him that I would love to spend on the game but I literally can’t because of the pricing model.

More common as in easier to get??

Yes, but keep in mind that this doesn’t confirm anything. This is just me chatting with mike. So don’t expect anything.

Get two SS’s in a row, then my super weak team becomes OP.

Understood, just nice to know what’s on the devs mind