Island Challenge Team

This is my favorite Island Challenge team so far:

What teams are you guys using?


Trash team

I can’t even bring myself to play Island Challenge :pensive: such a boring event.

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Lol I play it because the new se ap looks fun

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I guess that this is a challenge for noobs like me. Everyone has access to the same monsters, which may hurt you, but helps the vast majority of players who’s monster collections are relatively small

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An IC PvP event would be the pinnacle of this game.


Imagine a permanent IC event with a leader board and seasons like the current pvp. That would be so much fun.

buddy,when they add awaken myth only look brynhildr in this event

What? Please translate to english

they will add awaken myth monster in draft.and everyone will choose brynhildr

Well yes, but then at least everyone will be even

I choose Harleking

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I fully respect that. It’s not the concept I have a problem with. It’s nice that newer players get a chance to draft monsters they don’t own. But the 1-4 star drafts are just painful. I don’t get why the devs don’t up the ante with super epics, legends and the odd myth coming in much, much sooner. On the last day it’s fun.

I don’t get why they don’t use it as an opportunity to advertise legends more. The first two days kill me lol.


focus on 1 monster team have 5 giveturn.(this is only for my F.d dafdoil)

:joy::joy::joy: absolutely. Unfortunately it just doesn’t excite me. I really feel like the event could be so much more :blush:

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They’re the same everytime! You are gonna find the same strategies over and over again. If I wanted that I would’ve just waited for ranked PvP to begin

Its boring right now. I’ll wait when we get to do crazy revive combos or simply that holy mythic that revives itself.

I have actually suggested a long time ago and I said the top players would not be the same because there are better players wjo are just not whaling in this game (I don’t think like this anymore… not exactly lol).

That was always the complaint in the past and they’ve increased it dramatically. Just over halfway through day 2 we get our first legendary.

I think a balance has to be struck according to how people play it. I mean ultimately lvl 300 is the goal for most people and reaching that should be spaced out over the 5-6 days. Things get easier as people get more higher grade monsters because the movesets are typically far better equipped for facing buffed enemies. So the rate they bring in the higher grade monsters should be matched to let people slowly progress and reach lvl 300 if they’re putting in the effort. The rate should be fast enough that people are making steady progress and enough of a percentage manage to reach lvl 300 but not too fast that it’s easy for lots of people.

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Haven’t played after getting the SE this is what I used!