Island Challenge sucks


I rarely moan on this forum and I hate to be doing it now, but does anyone else hate IC?

Using low star mons are boring as they’re all so repetitive. The same monsters come up, what’s more, enemies are buffed to hell so those monsters are even more rubbish than usual. After a while poison is useless and it’s like ultimate challenge but without your monsters and less tickets.

I literally only play it for the super epic monster, but now that has been moved from 120 to 150. Whhhhhhyyyyyy



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But but devs said it will be become more attractive with early access to legendaries and mythics :cold_sweat:
Irony off

Yeah ic sucks… Just give out strong Monsters right at the beginning, where is the Problem ? We all got and own shitty 3* and 4* Monsters… Give us the strong intresting Monsters !


Love it :sweat_smile: gives you a variety…


I think it wouls be better if they divided the draft into 4 rows and 3 columns.

You pick one from each row.

You can refresh/redraft each row.

That way you can plan your team 3 monsters at a time instead of just hoping that if you take a dream eater first you wont have 5 poison monsters next making your dream eater useless.


There re so many ways To refresh it, but that would mean work and work is meh


just change it from a pve event to pvp problem solved.

it sucks because its. a pve event


Draft PvP would be cool.


It would be cool. But I wouldn’t want to change current PvP. I don’t know man, it’s the only part of the game I really don’t like


Everything pve that doesn’t have auto play sucks


Lol I can’t even get AP to work past most basic levels.

AI always does the dumbest stuff and just gets my team killed.

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It’s certainly the most frustrating event. Especially when you get unevolved no-names over and over again and then you go up against mythics


Esp you draft xyz and then face with a huge sakura.


It always feels a bit slow before you get legendaries and mythics, but we end up with plenty. For old timers I think IC is less interesting because we try to draft similar things each time and every other event we get unlucky. However, for all newer players this event is great fun getting to try out lots of monsters we don’t have.

I enjoy this event lots, like most PvE events. The complaints I had about it in the past have all been resolved. For example, in the past we’d often get a bit stuck at certain buff levels because the lower quality monsters have very few ways to deal with super buffed enemies. Getting more higher quality monsters early has helped keep progression quite smooth.

What do people suggest as improvements? I’m interested to see!


It’s one of my favorite events. But it does have big issues with the drafts. To many pathetic monsters that don’t always synergize early on. Takes to long for legends and mythics to show up. Some drafts like the one I had today gave me 5 star options but offered 4 star monsters after the redraft.

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Island challenge - lvl 300


Going up against buffed poison teams when you have all 4 star monsters is just painful. One of the worst things about IC is that if you miss a draft you lose monsters. Those draft selections should stack.

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Pretty sure the drafts stack


Ya i didnt start until 1 day after it opened. I did a ton of drafts back to back including 2 SE drafts.


All drafts are stacked. It has been changed since the previous IC if I remember correctly. I have noticed that on several accounts which I couldn’t play because I lack of time