Ic is too boring now, I think it should be able to choose the legendary on the first day, And I often start playing this activity on the third day.


Yeah it starts out too slow. You start with useless 2 star monsters you usually can’t get good combos with. The real fun begins when you get torrentide, auro, ankou, etc :grin:.


Tbh I enjoy playing with low level monsters at least for 1 and half day until the first legendary comes in. The only annoying part is that from level 80 and on the enemies are already heavily buffed and you need to have a bit if draft luck to get good combinations. Otherwise giga blaze will not help you to win unless you have torrentide😂


I’ve been saying the same for a while. I hate the first two days of the event.

@dragonkingOES I just faced your Island challenge team.

I think the best solution would be to allow you to pick your whole first day of draft picks at once from a slightly larger pool, instead of 3 monsters at a time. That way you could pick a balanced team instead of a piecemeal one to get started.

If it wasn’t for these free legends. I don’t touch PvE events at all. It’s such a drag, most of these events are not enticing.

They really need to think and create or re hash some events. Its getting quite stale having the same events for years and years.

Not much thought is put in their release schedule…

Try evertale for a change :rofl::rofl:

Evertale looks awesome.

Problem with evertale is: There is currently only 1 event for 3 weeks at a time. Once you have done story completely and finished event before deadline its quite less exciting. Just login and burn those tickets for ingredient or gold mission… even for his early stage of development this shouldn’t be recommended as more exciting or a good change to NeoM. But I do agree with KikNaz that events need some fresh air - not only the rewards( I appreciate a lot tho the legend rewards)


A shocking entrance roaring entrance time strike all legend at that. I never touch IC but ill be grinding this one.

Haha was it terrible :see_no_evil:

Same here. I’ve never been so motivated

Not bad actually. The win wouldn’t have been so easy if you were in control of the team.

Haha I love IC one of my favorite events. Really have a blast using different legends. Made me start loving monsters such as Astro Golem, Ankou, onigiest ect. Monsters I would probably never own.

Having said that the early drafts are terrible. I don’t mind starting with low level monsters but they should be less random. And have some synergy without luck. We should all be guaranteed one 4 star stun revenge cloner at the very least during our first day.


Sheesh, this would be a bit OP. They give easy wins for a lot of IC just by themselves. It would also mean many would start putting counters to them near the back of their team, might even ruin their use. Btw the best counter is Puffoxin/Rhynobrawl with poison gas.

I don’t mind the first couple of days. Everyone can get through the first 80 levels and if they were able to pick up a good starting team can push further. You then get drip-fed the better monsters to slowly help you overcome the higher buff levels. Tbh, the buff levels don’t go up by much towards lvl 300 (to 1.5x) so once you’ve got a solid team you can grind your way there. All the stronger monsters do is give you another chance at getting a way to win the battles. Levels 300+ are the real challenge that require us to have quite a few drafts first, because the buff goes ridiculous. However, by the time you reach that point chances are it’s late enough in the event you’ve been able to pick up monsters.

I like the pace of this event a lot. The RNG, particularly at the beginning, can be frustrating at times but if things are slow and annoying you then you can take a break and come back to it later then make your goal lvl 200-300 rather than something beyond.

Astro nerf was the most unneeded nerf ever. I’ve never seen any astro in pvp since that nerf and even before that, i think i was the only player uses astro regularly in my pvp teams.

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I saw it a lot and it was super powerful since 1s load and 50s sweep

You had to setup lots of things for that 1s load and 50s sweep move isn’t very effective in current auto protect meta and…

I don’t want to argue with you on this.