Island Challenge Help

So I’m returned to playing this game after taking a break that was a bit over a year. After lurking on this forum for a looooong time I finally made an account lol. I’ll probably ask about team building in a week or two, but I need a tip on the Island Challenge right now. Here is my team so far.

I just want to know whether I should choose one of these three mythics or redraft for a better one (I’m not sure if the mythic pool is only limited to the new mythics because I only got new ones). Mistletorment looks pretty bad for this. Y Ddraig Goch looks decent, but there are probably better ones. Deviladus seems to be the best pick because it has whisper of evil which death sentences enemies on entrance and can increase a teammates kill counter (combos well with my two bovolcus and double bloodthirst), but I’m not sure if there are any better ones I should look for. I have six redrafts left.

Sorry those links didn’t work so we can’t view them.

For Island Challenge tips I’ve got a thread detailing them here: KD's How to beat each event (+videos)

Thank you. I skimmed over your guide and it seems like I’ve been generally doing the things you mentioned which is good. The main monsters I have for +300 are two bovolcus, horrorclaw, four star stun clones and OoO. The others are probably irrelevant so I won’t need the images although I should figure out how to make them work on the future.

The main thing I’m wondering is if I should take deviladus which had death sentence all on entrance and can increase a monsters kill count for double bloodthirst or redraft (6 remaining) for the mythic you mentioned I think called byrnhilder or something like that.

To be honest, Brynhildr is so insanely good that if you have redrafts it may be worth trying to go for her. There are only 20 mythics in the game right now so she’s got a good chance for appearing. Deviladus is also great so if you’re down to 1-2 redrafts and there’s a Deviladus then maybe pick her.

Alright I think I’ll go for byrnhildr. Based on what you said, it should be worth it and I have six redrafts left. The only question is when to stop if I don’t get it… (No need to respond to the last part tho lol)

Ayyyy I just got byrnhildr first redraft! Someone can lock this thread now if that’s how it works.

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