Island Challenge Teams

What are some of the best set ups for the Island Challenge? Who should I be looking for?

I am currently using a give turn, Blood Crave Team. 

Sleep or stun team.

Poison won’t bring you up to 300, so don’t go for it. Never rly tried blood crave

I use survivor until later, when I move to dreamhunt.

up to 150 everything works^^

Sleep with some stun mixed in to buy extra moves. I also have a last stand guy who is really helpful.

i always use sleep teams in ic and i got to 300 everytime but this time i havent got one single sleep mon to choose :smiley:

but the right se and legy should bring u up there also if u have bad drafts

Ha it all depends what you get offered on your draft. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don’t meh

i have a 100% sleep team,lvl 141 now,faced a team with two sleep killers,didn’t manage to play a single turn :cry::cry::cry:

It desponsed on 4star monster.

I used a thrower and sleeper + deathrev. Currently on level 281. Will finish this today.