Island Challenge

Hello everyone,

This is my second time doing this event and I really like the idea of drafting monsters, kinda like an NFL or NBA draft. Anyway, I struggle with forming an effective strategy. Can any veterans give me some tips? I tried to build a sleep team but so far I’ve only ended up getting 2 dream eaters, yet I also got a bunch of sleep all monsters. I don’t know, I feel like I’m just having a hard time coming up with a good combination for a team.

Here’s some pictures for reference.

Please help me learn how to make a better team!

Ps. I just got my first legendary for this event. My next draft is in 5 hours.

One suggestion.
Always try to get the monster which has create duplicate and stun revenge.
Very very useful.

Thanks! Good advice. I noticed a lot of teams use that.

What is your main strategy? I don’t think cosmodragon is good enough to sweep, I think you should use frostrider switch places into purify, then dreamhunt. However, its the unevolved version so Im not sure if he has switch places.

Initially I tried spamming cosmo and usually got 4-5 lethals set up but it didn’t work well because I faced a lot of monsters with hold ground. Also frostrider does have switch places. I also just got motordragon so using him too. I think you’re right about frostrider though. I’m gonna have to use that strategy.

Yea sleep is the way to go in IC

Got wratchcaptain ss stag

Dream team

Almost every IC i had i got auro for some reason.
Cant complain

Has anyone reached lvl 500 in IC?

level 300 insane battle

Same with Geo