Is this the worst special rule of all time?

Comments and opinions below! For me it is!

I’m just gonna boycott PvP until it’s over :sweat_smile:

8 epics in a team :face_vomiting:


would help if i knew what it was

8 Epics in the team

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They made a rule where people could use mythics people complained, they made a rule when you have to use 8 epic to counter the mythic spam people still complain :sweat_smile: , im not saying the rule is good , sure its bad one maybe the worst , but its hard to satisfy eveyone

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Poison and stun gang I guess

It’s either going to be 4* protector spam or it’ll be mythic spam front half and junk in the second half. Playing epics brings the cost down so mythics are easier to slot in. Also, since epics can’t get kills easily it’ll be a bunch of S+/mythic sweepers, there’s no space for support monsters.

So… really one-dimensional and boring compared to most other rules.


Yeah i know even for me i said its the worst rule ,damn when they qill bring back 1 element rule my drako waiting in corner since a long time now

Devs: We are avoiding mythic spam!

Devs: Makes it so you can spam 8 awakend mythics with 8 random useless epics

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Also Cani :roll_eyes:


A pvp where i can start with 8 rockoids, that’s what i see :joy:


@kabylian Happy cake day :partying_face:

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You cant the rocks are not considered epic monsters

Some are 0 stars 2 stars 3 stars etc you need 4 stars no work around to it

Thank you ! :hugs:

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Someone mentioned it elsewhere, but the restriction list is getting really dumb including only awakened versions of the mythics. There’s not enough thought going into it.

Also… is azida on the list a troll?.. because… what?

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How to trigger Purple Heart. Step 1 above :joy:

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i dont get the azida ngl exo natur huskeon etc i get why they are limited but azida i dont get as i have met 3 people total who ran her last season AND I AM ONE OF THEM

■■■■ you TRIGGRED

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Lol this rule is really garbage. It’s gonna be mythic spam for the vets and stun bomb spam for the newer ones. There is no diversity to this… Why can’t they make a separate tier for PvP where you can use awakened Mythics and one where you can’t? Why not do that as a “special rule”? Two rooms for PvP, one u can use awakened Mythics, the other you can’t. Easily separate thing sna dmake it diverse by definition. Not the best idea but certainly better than this garbage.

Everything not worth using is a rockoid (all epics), so i start with 8 rockoids (8 epics) and I will throw them regardless of their usability

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now all forms of monster are restricted that is on the list

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