Broken users, what are your thoughts on the upcoming special rule?

Spam all the S+ tier legends that aren’t restricted.




Don’t play until the special rule is over. I hardly ever play special rule

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Honestly, this rule wont limit anything big

This rule only limits top tier players

Im totally fine , nothing to change on my team AGAIN!!! :joy::joy:

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I’ll play with a one woman army… Brynhildr


Tbh this hits mid tier players almost as hard. Broken users can(as Squinty pointed out) just spam op legends, FD combos, etc with no restriction.

However, players like me, with a couple myths but few good legends, will be forced to give up a large percentage of our good monsters.

While I don’t think that this is the worst rule ever, I think that it is a mistake to assume broken users will be the hardest hit

My guess is that their winrates will plummet when they can’t spam a dozen mythics in their team


Did you read my post

No, I’m dyslexic and blind.



Shove a needle into your ears and then you can be a modern day Helen Keller


Big brain

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I didn’t know Helen Keller was dyslexic!

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That’s ridiculous. Sorry man but it affects the people who actually have multiple mythics they want to use in their team and for people who have lots of mythics they’re even more affected. The fact the people with lots of mythics have a lot more legendaries is true whether mythics are restricted or not. So yeah they can still make better teams but they’re still hit harder by it.

There will be some people getting carried by their mythics and having a bad legendary pool, but I doubt that’s many.


Personally, at least, my limited pool of legends has meant that I basically have to sit this season out. I only have 3 myths, but I guarantee that I will be affected by this rule more than 90% of whales with tens of them, because anyone with that many will inevitably have plenty of viable legendaries and SEs.

Sure, I may be in the minority, but that doesn’t change the fact that this change hits mid tier players plenty hard

You seem like a weird mid tier player tbh. I’d guess that most mythic spammers will end up sitting the special rule out because they can’t get carried by all their mythics

  • if this offends anyone, take it as a challenge and share your pvp results on the 4th

Screenshot this because this is the first time @Killerdog and I have ever agreed on something.