Is this a joke? (Island Challange too many Pupua in draft)

So after using redraft 7 times + the 2 legandary choices I saw a pupua 10 times! There was 1 draft I didn’t see a singe pupua in and 1 time I saw 2… Please remove this monster from Island challange.
I don’t know if maybe some of them is good, but I look at them as a super epick witch have a chance to be a legendary so not a good draft at all. I would guess one of the worst drafts you can make?

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There are lots of bad legendaries for IC, the Pupupa are not the worst. Put them with a bit of stun and you can get the 6* form fairly easily. Up to lvl 300 it’s easy enough for them to survive because they are so tanky.

A couple of them won’t deal enough damage with their attacks and on levels 300+ none of them are useful but that’s the same with many legendaries.

The problem is not having them in the game, but when amost 50% of the monsters you see is pupua it’s kinda ruining the experience. I mean all of them looks like the same monster.

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You can’t draft effectively if you don’t know what Pupupa you’re getting though.

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Getting unlucky like that sure is annoying.

You can read the description of the moves to see which element the moth is.