Is Shadowstalker available through egg now?

I just fought someone in master pvp and they already have shadowstalker. And shadowstalker works great for the stego charc combo. It puts guard on another ark so in the beginning of the battle, it’ll use it to its raioh and as soon as I attack it attacked raioh & there boom boom non stop stunners…

I was wondering this as well. Hoping to get some answers from the developers.

I heard that it is one day Before OM available in eggs so I think so

But my friend hasn’t found it in eggs and he’s been through a lot of eggs. 

Yesterday ? Or even today? Cuz many ppl had Mossgolem a day earlier last week

Exactly, that’s the issue. I don’t know what’s going on with it. There has to be some exploit…

I’ve seen it aswell today. Done bout 30 eggs to try and see it but I havent

It’s seriously not in eggs. And if it is, it’s so rare that there is no way THAT many people in PvP have it… 

Does changing date and time work? That might be it?

Try’d that^ doesn’t work

Well that’s possible except it has one issue.

In order for that to work, the developers must have set up pre-defined times for each mission. And that assumes they knew in advance when they would do the missions. They probably didn’t. So it would seem silly that they would have done that.

However, since it has to be done through server-side, it actually isn’t that silly. So it does make sense that that’s a possibility.

But even if so, how likely is it to get the thing? There are so many that it’s ridiculous. 

Havent thought about the beta testers tho?

Naa i doubt it seems impossible especially if its server-side

Why would the beta testers come out now when they haven’t all along? It hasn’t been released yet. 

Edit: I realize it can’t be the system time because it would allow people to get ALL the future mission monsters, and that isn’t happening…

Because they have the monsters alreadyy nd the monster from today’s om mission came out yesterday on the forums , twitter nd facebook… I mean i would use it too once ik its being release … I mean think about it beta testers dnt use there monsters right ? But once they find out what OM is coming out the day before that it comes out , who wouldnt ? Knowin that its coming out the following day . Only make sense just logic

EDIT : even if it was they dnt make OM in advance … Because they take our feedback first most likey the first two to three days on OM start to see what they should do for the next OM so it’ll be no way they can get all the unrelease arks

So, logical points to make:

  1. If they are capable of changing the egg via the server, then they either will do it one day early or they’ll do it right at the time of the mission. 

-If they put it one day early, then, based on how it is appearing in all the eggs my friends and I have tried, it is extremely rare.

–If it is extremely rare, then so many people wouldn’t have it right now.

-If they are waiting until the mission today, no one would have it right now either. 

  1. If they are not capable of changing eggs via the server, then one of a few things had to happen (because in this case, it isn’t possible to change it at the time of the mission):

a. They set the eggs on a pre-defined schedule. That is, at some time period each week, the egg automatically changes. 

b. They set the egg to automatically change as soon as the mission gets put up through some code. As in, they’re associated somehow to begin with.

If a is correct, then people could use the system clock adjustments to get the monster in advance.

But if a is correct, then people could go weeks in advance to get all of the monsters. 

Since that isn’t happening, a must not be correct.

If b is correct, no one would have it early.

So that brings us to beta testers… 

We’re not allowed to use the monster until it is released in the mission. It isn’t yet, so we’re not allowed to use it yet.


There are so few beta testers, that the chance of finding one in public PvP even if they all were using it is quite low.


Not many beta testers actually use it in their teams, anyway. 

I’m seeing it a lot. Something is fishy. We’re missing something.

Well only answer to that is … Guess what. Someone leaked there beta GameSave , & made sure they didnt use it in pvp matches but once those none beta testers ( beta tester Gamesave ) finally found out what’s the Next OM then they start using it … Also most beta testers know they cant use it BUT if i’m correct those bone beta tester with the save data does not know all the beta testers rules …

Only way to prove this some how is by not leaking any information on the next OM till the day it comes out , OR next OM can be like season 1 week 6 : Mistery , meanig we wont know what ark it’ll be soooo those beta and none beta that has the save data wont know what to use … Make sense to me

This has been happening for every mission so far, though. Exactly the same way. We need Lars’ input on this…

Yea it happens once admin post the OM and what’s lar’s ?

But we can do a mistery OM to see if we see any unrelease arks once the OM is posted … And if we do see a unreleased ark and is the same as the OM then yuppp it has to be a hacker or some sort . But if we dont see anything then it has to be a beta tester nd none beta testers with the leak file .

They arent beta testers seeing as that is the only “beta” monster they have in their line-up… Pretty sure they are those lovely hackers up and about because of the 5 guys i played today ALL 5 had the shadowstalker!!! Lol im not sure if all of them are hackers, but i dont know how they already have those monsters

o.o beta testers doesnt need to use multiple unreleased arks to be labeled as a tester because they can use stalker but not the other ones so still makes them a beta tester … o.o .