Omegawyrm vs magmawyrm/typhowyrm

I have 4 or each of Typhowyrm and Magmawyrm. would it be more effective in PVP to have 4 Omegawyrm or 8 of the lower quality dragons? all of my other arks are between 8 and 10 stars, so I’m not sure of the most effective rout since having only Omegawyrms would require more 8 star arks in my lineup.

You can’t have duplicates in PvP. With that being said, I have 1 Omegawyrm in my PvP team and 0 of all the others.

Take what you want from that :slight_smile:

If I could like what Ashley said multiple times, I would

Thanks! I didn’t realize you are limited to one of each since I haven’t tried PVP yet. Thanks for the help.

From a non-pvp point of view, for single player (say, infinite dungeon), is having both the 10 stars better or worse than fusing them and being left with one omegawyrm?