Is it worth Ultra Evolving without +9 early in the game ?

Im a pretty new player and i cant really progress right now struggling with Torus and the end fight of Chapter 4 of the online story.
Since i have alot of mats and pretty decent monsters is it worth just ultra evolving wihthout +9 or even without a bonus potion used ? Are ultra evolved monsters worth or is it just a little boost ?

Thanks in advance !

+9 bonus is not necessary , i think you definitely ultra evoluv legendary and mythic monster according to you rank and team cost.

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Potions become MIGHTY useful when you get into the higher ranks of PvP. As a result, you should save your potions until you get there, and only invest them in monsters which perform well in PvP.

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Makes alot of sense ! thanks :smiley: :+1:

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Hi, @Yuno ! Some monsters inherit the bonus value, so it is recommended to increase it to +9 before evolution. For example Galvboss +9 → Galvbane +9

The following monsters are inherited in this way.
Galvboss, Wolfrozen, Redkong, Viridizaurus, Chronozar.

Other monsters are introduced in this video, so please refer to them.


You guys are awesome, thanks :blush: didnt think i would get such usefull replies so fast !


U r welcome! :+1:

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You only need to potion the starter monsters and a few which you get on the islands that become a higher grade of monster when you evolve them. If you potion them before then they take lower quality potions. For everything else it doesn’t matter whether you potion them before or after evolving.

Here’s a guide you might find very useful to read: KD's New Players Guide
Here’s one that goes in-depth explaining everything about bonus potions: KD's Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide


Aaaaah now i understand ,so its basically epic monsters that evolve into higher grade monsters need to be +9 beforehand so it doesnt need a superepic or legendary potion. All others dont matter because they are superepic or legendary either way :open_mouth: this community is very helpfull , thanks ! :blush:

Yup, exactly!

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thaks :3