Is it better to pull same unit mythic banner? or pull different banner each..?

I just have a vixenblade and have some gems to pull but I am not sure that I need to focus on same unit to awake or should I pull other mythic to try…?

How much gems do you have ?

If you need 3 more copies .
Dont waste ur gems

I only have about 100 free gems… I want to spend money but it seems cost way too much… I just wanna enjoy slowly but really wanna see a full awaken form of vixenblade…

Is there a way to get duplicates later time…? (like an event or tickets) Or is it only a luck depend…?

If that so, should I spend my gems to try to pull other mythics better?

You’ve already asked this.

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Um… I actulayy asked about a recommendations of monsters to get a right team buliding before. I was curious of names of monsters that are good synergies of vixen. but thanks anyway

Save for the shrine. If it were still the anniversary, I would say that u should go for the same hatch but since its not…don’t bother trying at the moment.


thanks for the advice. I made it for 100 by shrine but next step is 500 so I stopped and pulled camila. I think it was worth it !

You were quite lucky then! But from now you should save up untill you get 500. Resist the temptation of spending. I too am a new player (1.5 months) and I have 4 mythics! One also having 2 shards! Im sure I will awaken one soon

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thanks! you are a fresh player but already have 4m and 2shards thats awesome. By the way, the shrine only holds for 8 days and seems impossible to save 500 by then. Is there any way to do it…? or should I hold for next event…?

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Unless u pay, its impossible to get 500 in the first shrine. I myself could only acquire 500 gems by my 3rd shrine. The way u can do that is by using catchable monsters from the main story. They should help you until the elite 4 battles at the very least. I used my starter team till I faced the grand champion

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It will keep on coming on every 20 days. Even you miss this shrine you can next one or next to next one. They key point is you get free gems without grinding after you reach 500.


Thanks !! It helped a lot!!

Thanks for the tip!! Much appreciated

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I didnt really get it…

I got my first mythic after a year

Haha…yeah I was lucky.It was the anniversary and I already had 500 gem so the shrine boosted that to 800. I got 3 charybdia’s(2 shards) and 1 neo ticket. The new special egg was a surprise. I got a vixenblade on my first pull. And I have (almost) got chronozillion

:expressionless: grats then. I’m fugging zealous of u

Hahaha but I am sure you have more mythics than me. My team aint that great either