Gem or banner

I am saving upto 400 gems now, just thinking about spending it on banner or save 500 gems for shrine as shrine gives long term benifit to me and can save more gems in future what is your thought on it? As anniversary banner have 1 mythic in 10 x 1 banner and I am not near to awaken my mythic too. Also I have only single mythic yet. Neo ticket will make second mythic :grimacing:

You should definitely save for the fortune shrine then set 500 as your new zero


save it


For sure save until 500 gems now that you’re so close! It will net you many more legendaries and awakened mythics in the long run! You will gain at least 110 free gems each 3 weeks!


You need at least 1k gems savings to awaken 1 banner mythic.
Consider these kind of festivals rarely comes even the special egg were mere sh*t


Atlast I hatched 2 10x eggs 1st one is all epics
2nd one got featured mythic… Now with 488 gems… So can’t spend more on banner as need save 500 until shrine… So bad not got terminator legendary :sweat_smile:… Rare gold egg on other hand is total badluck for me… All super epics