chronozeros potions

Hey guys i have chronozar +4 and i have 6 legendary potions and almost ready to evolve him (only need SE water starter) i want to know iff is worth to put potions on chronozeros or its better put some SE potions than evolve it and save potions for another future miracle legendary??
I dont have any legendary till now its sad i know :stuck_out_tongue: so im happy with a free legendary and a litlle afraid cus my SE starters help me a lot so what should i do?

Put SE potions. 6 legendary potions are not so usual as SE potions
Save them for a future legends. And also save gems for Christmas. If you are lucky you could use those legendary potions on a legend that you will find for Christmas festival

Wait until +9

Ok so chronozeros is not worth anymore? I dont like how he look in his final form but i need bloodthirst for UC

You can put SE potions on him before you evolve him to make him a +9 then evolve him and he’ll be a +9 already

Lol hes still a very good monster, why would you say hes not worth it

If your current team depends a lot on galv, rex and viri, you can always evolve chrono later after you regain your starter dupes, especially if your current starters are all +9 because they will be wasted.

I say that cus someone sayd to wait for christmas and if i got some luck i would hatch a new legend and it could be better than cheonozeros…is slow now need support
The starters are great mons but i will farm than again and this time +9 with epic potions
Thats my plan :smiley:

Goodluck mate :laughing: