Incomplete / wrong skill description

This concerns the german translation.

  1. Arborgias’ LINK Deathstroke can be used only once. This is unfortunately not mentioned in the german translation.

  2. It is stated that Amalgamon’s Venom Fang can be used only once, which is not the case. Maybe this is a bug of the skill.

  3. My favorite: According to the description, Aegisdragon’s SS can only be used if a mortar is loaded.

Maybe I will extend the list by the time.

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Thank you very much for the reports, especially the second one, it is a bug. Venom Fang is an once only skill.

We will fix them in the next update.
I am sorry for the confusion.

I’ll just continue this post. It still concerns the german translation:

  1. Captainwhiskers’ skill is called “300sek Sperrfeuer” while in the description it is stated that the skill can be used only after 400 sec. So either the name is misleading or the description is wrong (probably the name).

  2. Lavamane’s / Emeraldont’s Soul Shield has the description “Dieser Skill opfert das letzte Monster deines Teams, dem ausgewählten Mitspieler zu verhindern. (…)”. The second part of the sentence makes no sense. Maybe change it to something like “Dieser Skill opfert das letzte Monster deines Teams, um 1 Teammitglied ein Schutzschild zu verleihen, das den nächsten Schaden absorbiert. (…)”

  3. In the descriptions of Revenarchion’s Revenant skills you should change the word “Gegner” (enemy) into “Nutzer” (user). Currently it states that one of your monsters should have the same name as the enemy.

  4. Bulbieboom’s passive skill description has a typo in the BB code (see screenshot).


Thank you for the feedback.
These will be fixed in the next update.

I’m glad to see that the descriptions were corrected with the last update.

One thing regarding Revenarchion: The wrong description concerned both Revenant skills. While one was corrected, the other (his SS) still has it.