i'm Wilv! wandering copywriter...

hi all!

huge fan of Zigzagame inc. here and purchaser/player of Dragon Island. really enjoying my time in Hunter Island and, obviously, looking forward to Cosmic- or whatever the next step may be! (this is a nod at the rename project, ha!)

i won’t go into personal detail as per the forum rules, but i would like to share that that as a college-age newspaper/reporter/copywriter veteran with a journalism degree, i subscribe to some really fun writers’ rules that i think make online/app gaming a better place:

  • plot/gameplay/storyline: sometimes the right word makes all the difference in telling the story! (DI/HI did a great job at this!)
  • cross-category: personally i enjoy all kinds of games like these. monsters, sci-fi/fantasy, pirates, etc. (and, in my downtime, perhaps some creative writing, ha!)
  • staying hip: my little personal signature is capitalizing only company, project or subject words. nerdy, i know. it’s the little things.
  • efficiency of thought: the shorter the paragraph, the better! (it has to fit on a phone screen after all, haha)
  • puns and descriptions: the art of the written word, and all that. you have to be able to laugh.
  • comprehensiveness: a category for every word and a word for every category!

i’d like to spend my time here asking questions about the game and perhaps making suggestions once i’m comfortable. thanks for the welcome.

Hi, welcome to the forums! I’m glad you’re enjoying Hunter Island.

I love your writers’ rules. I actually write myself, but I don’t do it professionally like you. Plus, I’m sort of bad at it. I just enjoy it, haha!

I hope to see you around, Wilv!

wow, a reply so quick! i love this place already :slight_smile:

Good, haha! x> What’s your progress in HI?

before i get started i just wanted to thank Kookaset for being my first-ever reply and board welcome!

with your guys’ permission, i’d like to use this space right here to keep track of some conversations i particularly enjoyed participating in (a forum strategy i always love looking back at in the “greeting” or “hello” space. oh, nostalgia!)

(note: this means possible incoming edits!)

oh! a reply already. i should refresh this page more often.

as a recent app buyer i’m embarrassed to admit i only just arrived in Finam. a fresh face, if you will. but based on my experience with DI i can tell i’m going to love the rules and style of HI!

(edit: my first addition to my content list! yay~)

(edit 2: added my next discussion, which also happens to be a favorite subject of mine, grammar!)

Haha, you’re welcome. ;>

I don’t think that will be a problem. Log away!

Ah, Finam? I see; I hope it exceeds your expectations. :>

If you need any help concerning the game, check out the FAQ if you haven’t already (http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/161-faq-frequently-asked-questions-about-hunter-island/), go on chat (it’s sort of weird, but helpful), or you can make a thread about it, no problem.

Greatest hello of all time! ((No seriously that’s an epic hello)) can’t wait to see you more at the forums!

Welcome to the forum!!! Hope you enjoy your stay here with us!!! :smiley:

Darn! I wanted to be the first to say hello <_<

Anyway, welcome to the forum Wilv! :wink:

thank you! i look forward to your correspondence :slight_smile:

thanks! i am enjoying it already. you guys give me confidence!

well hello back in any case, and thank you! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums.
Hope to see u around.
I hope u enjoy your time here.

Welcome to the forum, say hi in the chat when ur around

Nice to meet another writer!