If Arks had Descriptions

What would they say?

Astroleon- A beautiful white lion flowing with divine power, myth states this lion guarded the Gates of Heaven.

Mechadino - A failed experiment to combine a motorcycle with a t-rex, now forever haunted by a gambling addiction.

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Haha! Nice description lol

Chopperbug - hunger grew, and desperation set in. As he ate a toy helicopter

Rooknight- This proud Roo is among the highest order, The Knights of the Roo Table.

Ty, I think we have a one upper though(see below lol)

I could not help but laugh at this one.!!!


Don Penguini - “Revenge is a fish best served cold, so I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Now he sleeps with the fishes.” Last known quote of “The Don” before his sudden dissapearance after the mob wars of old.

Haha i love the don description lmao

Orcow- A fusion between an orcan and a moogong, the most successful fusion the world has ever known.

Firesoldier- This lethal killer is not to be underestimated, it is capable of lifting 50 times its own body weight, AKA about 0.2 grams.

Moji-Prone to suicide.

Biteschools - The experience gaining arkadions

Vegitiger - Although this dangerous creature is a vegitarian, it seems to take great pleasure in the hunt. Having obtained the title “Bane-tiger”, it seems almost as though nothing can sate the beasts hunger for destruction.

Prickly- Wants to be loved and cared for by hunters but its poisonous thorns often scare away others from doing so.

Prickster-Years of being unloved left these poisonous arkadions bitter and hostile towards those who approach them.

Infernowyrm-prone to suicide.

Stegospike- Refuses to make friends, keeps everyone at a distance, by force.

Charcolynx - Born of the fire, part Lynx and part Vampire this beast must first taste the kill before being overcome with an unstoppable bloodlust.

Gremknight -  The most loyal of all gremlins, seeking anything mischevious he unites two unlikely pairs. Charcolynx and Stegospike will forever be, at least in his mind, his most loyal companions.

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Firequeen- Prone to suicide due to excessive child birth

I like this. Maybe write one for every single Arkadion, make it into an official list, and post it? I’d love that. The ArkDex. Lololol.

Felimancer - A dedicated corruptor of the soul, offering power through rage but will sacrifice his own to achieve his goals. Some call him Mr. Hyde, a being of the night.

Meowzard - Dr. Jekylle, although only seen during the day odly, studies fury-ously to help purify those in need in an attempt to stomp out death. The doctor has been known to alter fellow arkadions into entirely different beings always with the intention to cure some previous fault. Favorite subject: Fireworker 

Jekylle and Hyde are so cool :smiley:

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I actually might do that. It would be fun coming up with the descriptions. *Puts on my to do list*