help! good writers and creative people please take a look!

so we are setting up an ad campaign, and need a one liner. I’m thinking about something like this, i wanted to see if you guys can come up with something better, or a better way to phrase it. the whole purpose of this is so that we get people to click on the banner. 

Not Freemium, just a Monster Training RPG

Play on any income, It’s not Freemium!


All trainers welcome! It’s fair, not Freemium!


Catch em’ and train em’, don’t pay for em’!


Train with the Premium! Don’t pay for Freemium!

last one is pretty good! we can do many of these so ill try out variations. 



“It’s not about what you pay. It’s about how you play.”

Don’t Pay to Play! Start today!

Top RPG and it’s Free!

wow you guys are pretty goooooood

but its not free Chrisie  :wink:

Updated lower down

LOVE the first one…if not for the whole “it not being free” thing…but still sounds good. xD

Train your Monsters, up the Ranks for a one time payment out the bank!

PvP, Offline play. Capture legends and start today!

Pay once and Play Forever.

Weekly missions. PvP. Pay one time then play for free!

Collect Monsters, Join the Masses. A one time payment to kick some… Butt!

Sorry couldn’t resist that one :slight_smile:

Darn! Hopefully the other ones I’ve put up will help out :slight_smile:

Might as well make a full list of all of mine.

“It’s not about what you pay. It’s about how you play.”
“In a world where monsters are, you need not pay to travel far.”

Will add more

“YOU rule the game, not your Money”

“Feed the Monsters with your skill, they dont like money” :slight_smile:

“A game where great power doesnt mean great money”  

“Be a free hunter, not a Freemium panther” :smiley:

“Tired of pay to win? Collect, battle, pvp and daily missions. Don’t have to pay to win in this pvp rpg”

Idk. I’m bad at this stuff.

I’m reading through this and I’ve fallen in love with all these catchphrases one million times over

Kookaset I’ve re-edited my last catchphrase so it works better without the “language” but still makes sense :slight_smile:
Sorry I wasn’t sure if I starred it, it would be allowed.

haha, it’s fine. At least you know now. ;>

Now, if it were allowed, know that I’d vote for that. Haha!

Very true indeed!
I won’t lie… I was highly amused with that one and couldn’t resist - but I’ll keep thinking some up for the next hour and 50 minutes :wink:

Just some quick new ones:

Epic Story, Play Online. One time payment, don’t waste time!

One time pay. Full time Play!

I loving them all. ^^ Catchy rhymes, too.

I like this one

Thanks. Short and Sweet :slight_smile: