Long time player requesting PVP help

I’ve been playing for a long while and have a good amount of monsters, I’m just constantly getting done in at PVP, and feel like there is some sort of combo I’m missing. First two pics are my current two PVP teams, the rest are my monsters. Help if you can.

To be honest, there isnt a real Concept in ur Team, what u can try is stag + onigeist + any protector (stun absorber protector) + pupua + auto protector in 5th… Wait 100 tu till pupua can make its move, then double Piercing blow, pullback with onigeist, then double Piercing blow again… Afterwards u can play whatever u want to

Exactly how I feel. No real concept except typical stun/absorbers and hoping dusci survives and keeps shielding. I’m pretty much done for facing a converter. Thanks for the input, I just don’t feel like I have much PVP based monsters to make a full team.

U got some nice Monsters … Move Centaureon at Spot 10 or so… Try to set up pupua, at endgame/midgame u play ahuizard, fast throw + bloodcrave! (Rocks from pupua)… Some stun protection at midgame for centaureon and atra…

Use the tree. He is really good sweeper

I think you have some good monsters, but generally speaking a frontline should either be relatively fast or be protected well enough to operate at a lower speed. Yours is quite slow and only has stag for protection.

Also, you have a stunner in 5th which is really risky. Most players will have stun protection or a stun converter in their frontline so you’re gifting turns and slowing yourself down even more. I wouldn’t run stun 5th or 6th.

Here’s some ideas you can get try

If you want to run stun, put searguard in front of a stunner to clear stun converters.

Try pairing Onigeist with a few different guys such as; Shocking entrance, Centaur, Pupupa (when Hatched), Aviaronix

FL: (frontline) Nova, Noxdragon, Bitterbeast, experiment with the 4th. An Onigeist combo to follow might work well to keep the dark link going. Use Avia to switch out Nox so it doesn’t become deadweight.

FL: Try pairing Stag and SoulStealer. King did this before and it worked well.

FL: Robinator, Bitterbeast, Nova, someone of your choice (maybe Galvbane) Searguard 5th. The idea is that you take out the stun protection (protect with Robin and Galv, Chrono with Searguard, stealth with Galv) and then use a well timed stun wave from Nova.

Plenty of things for you to try. See what works and what doesn’t and do whatever you like best

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