I'm banned not for hacking. but because I had a bug

Ireached lvl 41 in the ultimate challenge.my version of the game was 1.3.8 Then I installated updates for all my apk and I installed the last update of neo monsters.and when I’m back to the ultimate challenge I lost my progress it was lvl 0 . I was so angry. I started playing again until I reached level 25 (I didn’t get any rewards). Later when I tried to play I have a message saying I’m banned because the developers detected activities that violate terms of use.can someone help me please here I texted the team in Facebook like 8 hour now and I didn’t get any answer

Please follow the guidelines in the ban appealing topic next time:

"If you genuinely believe you have not cheated or hacked the game in any way, then you can attempt to appeal the ban by messaging shopsupport@zigzagame.net

Please do be patient, as you can imagine there may well be many users who believe they do not deserve to have been banned. From then on, it is in the dev’s hands"

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