I have been banned for months now

I have been banned for a few months now, for NO reason… I stated the issue through email, got no response after so long. Tried again multiple times, but even after sending my restore code and my proof of purchase of the game, nothing changed… I almost spent money on gems in Neomonsters, imagine if I did and now I can’t enjoy my own money…
I made this post, to hopefully get this issue resolved!
IGN: Jrakhalis F2P

oh hey it’s you again lol I remember you on the neo discord server. Have you tried not hacking?

Did you try not hacking?


Yeah! @Dev_VKC please spread a good word for him from me, he was a good person and an excellent shitposter

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Once you’re banned you are banned for good. People only get banned for legitimate reasons like they’re using a false version of the game or they cheated.

Start a new account and don’t cheat. You should be totally fine to play then.

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lol and he’s got F2P

yeah lmao I recall talking with him in the neo discord. we told him to stop using apk’s and he eventually left the server

Lol why did he come here then did he not know that you were here also

Okay this is clearly not a new issue. Let’s let him deal with it himself

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