Ideas from a noob!

So I’m relatively new to the game (login day 39, hero rank 107) and I’m really enjoying it so far.
I don’t know if any of the following ideas have been suggested before but I think they may improve gameplay. Admittedly some are more just aesthetic changes.

Suggestion 1.

The first thing I’d like to suggest is a way of turning off the auto-battle system in between battles, or a reset each battle so players don’t end up auto-battling in fights they didn’t intend to.

The second and third suggestions I have are more to do with the games aesthetic.

Suggestion 2

At the start you are given a choice between a Male and a female character and that’s it. I just thought if there was a bit more variety in character design it may attract more people?

Suggestion 3

I’ve not been here long so I don’t know if this already happens from time to time or not, however I thought it might be nice to have some variation in the BGM? Don’t get me wrong, I produce music myself and the tracks that are there are good jingles - it’s just that they get a bit repetitive after a while.

Suggestion 4

Have you ever considered doing 2 vs 2 battles?
For example have “tag-team” rankings where partners are selected randomly based on rank?
Each player would select 8 monsters. you could be paired with another person and at the start of battle 2 of your monsters and 2 of your partners would be on the FL. Turns could alternate between the two players on each team?

Anyways, these are just some things to consider. Like I said - I’m just a noob. What you have here is a great game already and I’m really enjoying playing it.



I find 2 very interesting, and 4 I would like very much but it would be complicated since it requires a new modality apart from the one that is already 1vs1, we would have to do a ranking in pairs and that is complicated

Unfortunately I know next to nothing about programming, so I don’t know how difficult it would be to do rankings.
However in theory it shouldn’t be that different from regular PvP ranking. Especially if the teams are randomly selected from a group of players with similar ability. This means that your partner isn’t always the same so basically it’s just a case of you win you go up in rank, you lose you go down?
(This is probably a lot harder to do than I’m making it sound - like I say I know very little about programming :slightly_smiling_face:)

Now, but in that case your position would depend on a person you don’t know, and if you get one who doesn’t play well?

I know a lot about programming, I have made some applications and games but I couldn’t tell you exactly because I don’t know how all the parts that make up Neo work, you would have to wait for a response from a developer or something related to Neo programming

You see that’s the beauty of it. Partners could be selected based upon rank groupings which could be based upon previous results. A truly good player should be able to win regardless of the hand they are dealt however understandably there should be limitations so that for instance the top 20 tag-team players only get partners who are also in the top twenty. Same for the next range of players - say between rank 21 and eank 50 and so on.

It would first be a 1vs1 ranking and from those results get the next 2vs2 and so on?

Not necessarily.
Simply for the reason that, just like with sports some people may perform better in a team than they do individually.
The idea is that everyone starts off unranked and through the course of the battles the real tag-team players will stand out in the rankings.
The whole point of this is that it offers a completely different challenge to players who are used to focusing on one strategy.
It tests adaptability rather than playing with a pre-built strategy.

@Killerdog I think your opinion would be helpful with proposal 2 and 4

Id like to give my opinion about any big changes. Well as u might know alrewdy reading posts on the forum u should know that the game has some outdated stuff like rewards for old events an d some more. Also, as u should know this game is pretty slow with updates (more precisely monster releases and new events) so ig u might know whats the result of ur suggestions already no? Well its even more understandable that this game isnt the only game made by this company and it certainly isnt the only one earning them income. Being old this game isnt the biggest priority i would say altho its still has its public that isnt that huge of a number. And about the programming part, neo monsters is mostly based around pve content and some pvp. Not interaction between players besides using friend monsters. Many players have already suggested some interesting ideas including me but we all know that it wont probably happen. Most common ones that im aware of are draft pvp challenge, clans in game where u can chat, some even would like a way to interact with other players threw the game other then pvp(global chat, friend profile view, etc…). I’ll get straight to the point, its just a different type of ideas that they implemented in this game. Adding new types of ideas might seem simple at first but in programming its defenitly a different set of skills required then the already applied. Aint saying takes too long cuz nothing takes too long. But it takes too long for the preparations of the ideas they wanna add. Lets take monsters for ex. Devs wanna add new monsters but this stuff takes time for skills/stats/cost/design/name…

So taking these simple things and u already takes some time. What about the time a huge update of any idea we suggest takes to get implemented then? Well now u know whats mostly usually happens. Even tho these ideas wont probably get achieved its still fun to give those ideas.

I aint here to attack devs in anyway and if im wrong on any point i said pls kindly tell me ur opinion about it idm😁

I agree with you. Neo would need to start earning the company some big bucks before they might start investing in it.

I also think that the devs are on the alert since you have hackers who are constantly trying to hack the game and post it online. This to me is one of the main reasons why they add so little stuff.

There’s that dude that always spams like and subscribe in his videos.

There are two main problems I see with this system, even if the servers worked perfectly and the battles had no glitches.

The minor problem is how uninterested the battles have the potential to be. Only having 8 monsters in your team means that long term strategization, and instead encourages you to rush and try to kill as many monsters as possible without setting up combos or traps. I predict a meta of sleep all and double dream hunt, or just auto poison spam. Though there are obviously better potential strategies, those are so easy and obvious that I doubt there would really be much variation at all.

And that’s the minor problem.

The major problem is how long it could take to get a tag team match. Lets’s say that I join a tag team battle. Then, about a minute later, another person of similar rank joins, and we get matched. Then, after another few minutes, yet another person of similar rank joins and gets matched. However, after about a minute, the first person who joined gets impatient and leaves. Then, seeing that I only have one of the three people needed, I leave as well. This can go on practically forever.

Finding three people would take so long that at least one person is almost guaranteed to leave, and the people leaving are then less likely to play tag team in the future, thus compounding the issue.

Overall, I actually love this idea. However, the number of practical issues, plus coding and server troubles, mean that it would most likely be relegated to friendly matches and tournaments, and rarely be played in competitive PvP

P.S. Admitting that you aren’t a pro who is the best in the world and always top 3 in all PvP seasons is a great way to get ignored by the devs and most pro players(look where it got me)

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And if they implement it in friendly battles mode, that is, an already formed team creates a game and plays against another team that joins through the code, the same as always but in pairs?

If it were to be done In the form of a tournament then it a lot more likely more players would be available to play because it was the event that was getting focused on.

I see what you are saying though. Perhaps if it were done in a similar style to UC where you are matched against players teams that are are controlled by ai it could be one way of getting around that? For example if there were only 2 or three players available, or if one disconnected - then the ai could control the missing party?
Just a thought. Don’t know how practical it may be…

Though probably best to start off as friendly matches to see how functional it actually is?

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It’s a good idea, I don’t know if they listen to you, there are good proposals that are simply not implemented-example: the spectator mode was not implemented because having a fight site does not lime would raise the age in the App Store although it says 9 years and a little more not It affects in the least considering who plays it and that the age restriction is not always respected since there are players under 9 years old and the f2w are older so it would be perfectly possible…

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So true

Just for your information (this hasn’t been shared anywhere yet so I want to get it out there)… if you lose a battle when using auto-battle then it will automatically be turned off. If you win the battle then it will remain on for the next battle.

Personally I think the default should always be off. I think it takes very little effort to click it on at the start of each battle you want it for. Having a way to toggle it while outside battles is a good idea too. However, the Devs feel it’s better to have it staying on if you win because it allows for smoother gameplay when doing lots of battle on auto.


Practically from whatever games i have played there is a workaround for that,
You just need to find single opponent and than “fuse” with another single pvp(who are searching for 2 players at same time). That way the deadlock won’t happen at all.