Island Challenge (Sanguinymph) - 3/2/17

New Super Epic Monster.

a Bloodcraver.

What is that petal storm?
Could be something interesting

yah very Interesting skill.

Haven’t seen the IC, what’s it look like?? will be online later about 5hrs from now.

its on the news

Yeah I know but my cp doesn’t have any wifi access as of now. I’m using the office laptop to post here in the site while working, hahahaha

its 7am in our country  :slight_smile:

What does petal storm do? :slight_smile: I love bloodcrave monsters

I see there’s two “fairies” I guess you can call them. Wonder if they have similar skills sets or maybe skills related to each other. So one would trigger when you have the other in your team or something. That might be something new and interesting.

What can i say, i love the designs i think the blue fairy is gonna be the new legend, perhaps~~

Its 4pm here, hahaha

Yeah just what we need another new monster. We don’t need any bugs fixing or dc issues we just need IC which is worse than SOTF

Not totally agree,ic is great for f2p like me,but it would be better if they fix bugs instead of new leg.
Like my friend once said,soon there will be leg more than epic!!!

While were busy with other events, I think some of the devs are doing the necessary tweaks and upgrades so that PVP next time will be a good experience in the form of less bugs and disconnections. Lets just accept this IC as another gift to farm resources while PVP is still being upgraded (hopefully).

it would make sense but we have to wait and see :slight_smile:

Just recall how horrible the last ic was for unlucky players.

I’ve had terrible luck on it but I still love the ic

Last IC was amazing, hahaha, but I hate the featured monsters for this upcoming IC. So girlish. :3

oww but i like it :slight_smile:

I hate it coz doesn’t look animalistic in form, dont wanna use monsters that dont have animalistic features (celestrion, halochron, atrahasis, bolvo, etc.)