I need help @dev_vkc

Hello in the morning I have thrown 40 gems and I have taken out legendary, but when I was going to train my monsters did not appear to me. I know they help me with this problem. My friend code is 60457528.


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TNC god Thor has a problem with 'thunder monster Zeus wyrm" …. hahahaha


Lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Have you tried closing and reopening the game when you have better internet connection? If you check the egg it might say “hatch last 10 eggs” which you can click to get these monsters again. Try that first. If not, VKC or support can help.

Try restoring your code and go to any eggs pack. It should say “retry last 10” or something like that.
Every egg you oppen is recorded in the server and normally when cases like this happen, it gives you your last hatch when you open any egg

Have you tried turning it off and on again??